Search any term on Google and I am sure you will find new trends and buzzwords rise and fall through your newsfeed every other week. Another big news for Oracle fanboys. JavaOne is no more, fret not! – It has been simply replaced by Oracle Code One. This means that Java is no longer the center of the now-defunct JavaOne universe anymore.

I am sure you must have come across the JavaOne conference, an annual gathering held in San Francisco of Java Jocks from around the world has been replaced by a new event, dubbed Code One. Oracle is billing the change as ‘an expansion of tracks to include more languages, technologies, developer communities.’ It even plans to include talks on such languages as Go, Rust, Python, JavaScript and R. However, if you are thinking whether the new event will keep the Java Technical Keynote and the developer community keynote will continue to be the venue for announcements- then yes! About Java 11 and advances in OpenJDK and other core Java app developments will be taken into consideration. It is also revealed that the initial code one program will include dedicated tracks for server-side Java EE technology, including Jakarta EE, Spring, and the advances in Java microservices and containers.

According to Stephen Chin, Director of the Oracle Developer Community Team, “As we expand, developers can also expect additional leading-edge topics such as chatbots, microservices, AI, and blockchain,” Chin wrote. “There will also be sessions around our modern open source developer technologies including Oracle JET, Project Fn, and OpenJFX.” He further adds that the wealth of community content on client development, JVM languages, IDEs, test frameworks, etc.

Last but certainly not the least, Oracle even plans to keep some community run activities for the new conference. This include the Oracle Code4Kids workshops for young developers, the IGNITE lightning talks run by local JUG leaders, and “an array of technology demos and community projects showcased in the Developer Lounge.”

The JavaOne conference has been successfully running since 1996. And we all have witnessed its growth from a single conference room to filling all three wings of San Francisco’s Moscone Center an international collection of attendees and presenters. Soon the company combined JavaOne with Oracle Open World and relocated the event from its longtime Moscone Center home to a nearby hotel.

Twitter seems to be quite buzzing with the announcement as former Eclipse Foundation VP of Marketing Ian Skerrett tweeted: “JavaOne is being renamed Oracle Code One. Pretty clear to me, Oracle is now positioning this an Oracle vendor event, not an industry event. I don’t imagine the other Java vendors will participate.”

Apart from that Reza Rahman, co-founder and enterprise Java consultant of the Java EE Guardians tweeted: “I have to say this makes me very sad. JavaOne meant so much for so many years and this is just not the same. Need to now seriously consider whether to submit. EclipseCon here I come?”

Oracle Code One is all set for Oct. 22-25 at Moscone West in San Francisco. It may quite interest you to know that the company has opened a call for papers for any of the 11 tracks of content for Java developers, database developers, full-stack devs, DevOps practitioners and community members.