Think for a moment about your work environment. Do you work in an office? At home? In a coffee shop? Does your workspace make you feel energized and motivated, or do you dread the moment when you have to return to your computer? Loving your job is not only a matter of enjoying what you do, but also feeling relaxed in the environment you work in. A noisy background, a cluttered desk, or even an uncomfortable chair can make your work experience less pleasant, in turn making you a less effective employee/entrepreneur.

If you’re not sure whether your workspace is helping or hindering you, ask yourself some of the following questions. Is your environment optimal for working? Is it functional and visually-appealing? Does it make you feel comfortable while you work? Being honest with yourself will help you to identify what is going well, and how you might change to make you happier and more productive.

Is the environment optimal for working?

First, does the atmosphere make for effective working? Does it help you be more productive, or are there aspects of your environment that bother you? For example, some people are bothered by noise, while others need some background noise in order to concentrate. Which type are you? Is the coffee shop environment helping you or holding you back? Do you really work better while listening to music, or will a quiet area improve your focus? Paying attention to these details will help you determine whether you should move to a different space, change the space you are currently using, or leave things be.

Another factor to consider is your level of organization. If it drives you crazy to have papers stacked all over your desk, you might want to develop a system for arranging your files so they are easy to find but out of your way. On the other hand, some people prefer to keep papers in stacks so they are more easily accessible. If you aren’t sure which system you prefer, try each one for a few days and see which one makes you feel more comfortable (or which one you can’t stand). Develop a system that works for you and stick with it.

Is your workspace functional and visually-appealing?

How practical is your workspace? Do you have enough room to accomplish all that you need to? Do you work in a quieter spot or in a high-traffic area? In asking these questions, you can decide if it’s time for a remodel. If your office is connected to a busy hallway, you might consider installing some professional commercial doors to offer you some seclusion. You might decide to rearrange your desk so you are closer to the door or to the window. Simple changes like these offer variety to your environment and allow you to work more effectively.

People often care more about the functionality of their workspace than the way it looks, but the visual appearance of your work area can just as easily affect the way you feel about it. A lack of proper lighting can strain your eyes and make the area uninviting. Cluttered desks and bookshelves might be causing unknown stress. Keeping your area neat and nice to look at will improve your relationship with others in the workplace, as well as giving you greater peace of mind while you work.

Are you comfortable while working?

Comfort is about finding the right balance. You don’t want to be so comfortable that you fall asleep at your desk or become distracted from you work. At the same time, sitting in a position that makes your back or neck sore will also negatively affect your productivity. Find a chair that is sturdy, but offers good support. Keep snacks and water on hand to help curb hunger until your next break. And make sure there is a bathroom nearby so you can use the restroom when needed.

There are lots of ways to improve your workspace, but just asking some simple questions can help you begin to determine which environment is best for you. Making your work atmosphere more functional, comfortable, and visually-appealing will set you on the path to a better overall work experience.