Orthokeratology which is shortly called as Ortho-K is a procedure carried out by eye specialists. This non-surgical procedure is preferred by many patients as there are no surgeries conducted or use of contact lenses needed after this treatment. If you are a person who has to wear glasses for a lifetime, then it is best for you to go for this treatment. It involves the process of reshaping your eye lens that causes myopia and after the treatment is completed, there is no need to rely on glasses or lenses anymore. The Orthokeratology myopia control is gaining its popularity as it has many advantages compared to other eye treatments.

How Does Orthokeratology Myopia Control Lenses Work?

Orthokeratology myopia control
Orthokeratology myopia control

The Orthokeratology myopia control lenses are required to be worn by the patients every night during the course of sleep. The lens does its job of reshaping the natural human lens by its capacity. These have therapeutic properties that help to resize the lens that causes you difficulties for sight.

Myopia can be controlled by this technique effectively by wearing these lenses at night. You do not have to wear them during the daytime or when you are awake. This is a great revolution in the medical industry as this help the patients to go glass-free and lens-free for a longer period of time.

Things You Should Know About Orthokeratology Myopia Control

The treatment involves inserting a gas permeable lens for a time period suggested by the consulted doctor at night. At sleep, it works by adjusting your cornea and lens shape to a correct position by which you can see clearly the next day without using glasses or lens.

The Orthokeratology myopia control lenses are prescribed for patients who suffer from refractive errors like nearsightedness or myopia. It is also prescribed for children who suffer from myopia and helps to reduce the error slowly during the childhood period.

It should only be taken under the supervision of adults and only after prescribed by the doctors. The best results can be seen after a few weeks, but it depends solely on the patients. If the patients tend to see properly without the use of glass or lens, then you can assume that this is the result of the treatment.

The Orthokeratology myopia control helps in reducing the normal eye lens’s refractive error. The lenses are also capable of correcting other errors like astigmatism, presbyopia, and hyperopia. These lenses are good for people who are constantly traveling outdoors for their jobs. It is also useful for people who are living in a dusty environment.

Orthokeratology myopia control
Orthokeratology myopia control

The curvature of the cornea will be measured often to see the changes in the patient’s eyes. The Orthokeratology lenses tend to show differences after a few days which are used by the doctor’s topography instrument.  The examination will be conducted by the doctor until he sees any noticeable changes and the lens should be worn till, he approves of removing it.

The period for correction of the lens depends on the intensity of the disease. The children tend to react to this treatment better and get cured immediately. However, it takes some time for adults as the intensity will be high.

Worth mentioning   that Orthokeratology myopia control treatment is affordable and proved to have a speedy recovery. The consistent usage of the lens tends to correct the lens if the patients are suffering from sight problems due to refractive error. It has to be worn at night and it is very easy as they will not disturb our daytime activities like studying, working or any job we go for. The Orthokeratology myopia control treatment has helped many patients to get back their normal eye condition when it was all good. It helps them not to wear their glasses or contact lenses anymore.