Parenthood is an adventure like no other. It’s often equal parts overwhelming and fulfilling — but sometimes, especially for new parents, the balance tips in the direction of “overwhelming.” Fortunately, modern technology is here to take some of the stress and guesswork out of parenting. Learn more about the technologies that’s changing parenting with The Beacon’s new guide.



Toddler leashes are so last year.
The wearable Paxie band tracks your little explorer’s location via GPS and sends you a smartphone notification if he or she wanders beyond the boundaries you’ve set. It also reports on heart rate and temperature via the companion app, so you can be sure junior is safe and sound, even when you’re apart. Activity monitoring helps you decide when more outside time (and less screen time) is needed. Interchangeable fashion bands ensure keeping your kids safe won’t cramp their style.


Tragically, there are 3,500 sudden, unexpected infant deaths each year in the U.S., according to the CDC. Many occur after bedtime, when the baby is unattended in the crib. The Mimo onesie gives new parents peace of mind with real-time monitoring of their little one’s breathing and sleep activity. You’ll get a notification when the baby wakes up — and a safety alert if he or she becomes too still. (It won’t spam you with unwanted information, either; the types of alerts you receive are customizable.) If you have a Nest thermostat, Mimo will sync with it to keep the ambient temperature in baby’s room within a safe range.




The 4moms Origami Stroller is on a mission to take the hassle out of traveling with your tot. It folds and unfolds automatically when you press a button and comes equipped with tech features like a built-in phone charger, thermometer, mileage counter, and LED headlights. If you had any doubt that this is the Rolex of strollers, the Origami Stroller even charges itself as you walk!

If you rely on a pacifier to keep baby content while on the go, Pacif-i may be worth a look. The companion app will allow you to check baby’s temperature and keep a record of any medications given. It’s also much more difficult to lose Pacif-i than a regular pacifier; you can track its GPS location in the app and even ask it to beep if it gets lost. (No more fruitless digging in the couch cushions!)


The Withings Smart Baby Monitor wants to make bedtime a happier experience for everyone in the house. It streams real-time audio and HD video directly to your smartphone, but it doesn’t stop there. The Smart Baby Monitor has an onboard speaker, allowing you to talk to baby from another room. You can also turn on a comforting rainbow light display, or press play on your favorite of 7 lullabies to help him or her get back to dreamland.


As other parents are constantly reminding you, kids grow up fast. Record big moments and sweet slices of life with Kiba, an “interactive, self-editing” camera that automatically records the spontaneous moments you might otherwise miss. Kiba uses a “Joy Ranking” algorithm to sift through uneventful footage and edit the best parts into 20-second “Smart Memories” clips. You can pre-schedule Kiba to record special events like parties. It even responds to voice commands to take selfies for you, or start/stop recording. Maintaining the family video archive is effortless with Kiba in your corner.



If you want more control over what goes into your baby’s sensitive tummy, check out the Beaba Babycook. Making from-scratch, nutritious baby food is a snap with this all-in-one countertop appliance that cooks, purees, and heats baby’s meal. The Babycook steams fruits and veggies just right to “lock in vitamins and nutrients,” while the mixing blade ensures a perfectly slurpable texture. You can operate the Babycook with one hand, and your baby will enjoy his or her made-to-order meal in under 15 minutes. Skip the multi-pan cleanup and the microwave in favor of this handy gadget.


Next time you take a trip or run an errand, consider packing an iiamo go. The iiamo go is an advanced self-warming bottle that ensures baby’s formula is always the right temperature — even when you can’t get to a microwave. The bottle is 100% BPA-free and features an “anti-colic ventilation system” that reportedly lowers the likelihood that baby will swallow air instead of milk and become colicky. It’s flexible, too — it can be used as a traditional bottle as well as with a mobile heating cartridge.


If you want to track how fast your baby’s vocabulary is growing, Starling by VersaMe can help. The Starling word-tracking system was sparked by research suggesting that children who are exposed to more words as babies perform better in school. In fact, 82% of a baby’s brain development happens before his or her third birthday, well before the first day of kindergarten. VersaMe is working to inspire parents with the idea that education – and a lifelong love of learning – should start at home, as early as possible.

So what does it do? The cute Starling clip-on device listens throughout the day and counts the number of unique words that are spoken in your little one’s presence. Starling’s companion app allows you to monitor daily counts, set word goals, and more to ensure you’re giving junior a head start on learning to talk, read, and succeed.