Sleep problems are common among people of all age groups, and unhealthy sleep can lead to a long list of other health problems. It’s important to be aware of how well you’re sleeping at night so you can make improvements, and there are many modern wrist watches that allow you to do just that.

What to Look For

Shopping for a wrist watch that allows you to track sleep requires some careful decision making. You have plenty of options, but you want to make sure you find a watch that gives you accurate information about your sleeping habits. If you’re particularly concerned with finding a watch that gives you accurate results, you might want to consider a watch that’s designed specifically as a sleep tracker.

For most people, the ideal sleep tracking wrist watch has plenty of other features that make it useful throughout the day as well. Wrist watches with sleep tracking built in might also allow you to track your fitness activities, download and use apps, and even answer phone calls and text messages in some cases.

Our Choices

Now that you know what to look for in a sleep tracking wrist watch, it’s time to talk about some of your best options. First, you have to make one decision: Do you want a smart watch with sleep tracking functions or a fitness tracking watch?

For smart watches, you can never go wrong with the popular options from the two major smartphone brands: Apple and Samsung. The Apple Watch gives you most of the power of an iPhone in a convenient, sleek watch. You can answer phone calls, read and respond to text messages, listen to music, download apps and more. Samsung offers two different choices—the Samsung Gear and the Samsung Galaxy Watch—but the Galaxy Watch is the newer of the two. This handy device allows you to do pretty much everything the Apple Watch allows you to do, but it has a design that looks more like a standard analog wrist watch. In addition to this, the Galaxy Watch will give you access to the Android operating system and the Google Play store, offering something a bit different from the Apple Watch.

As far as fitness trackers go, Fitbit is always a safe bet. There are a few different Fitbit models that allow you to track your sleep habits, including the Fitbit Charge 2 HR and Fitbit Blaze. For a full list of the features offered by each Fitbit model, use the Fitbit Comparison tool.

Other Tips

Of course, tracking your sleep habits is only half the battle; the other half is finding ways to improve them. If you notice issues with your sleep pattern, you’ll need to take steps to remedy them.

A larger, more comfortable mattress can help a lot of people sleep better. For comfort, look at the features a mattress offers; many newer mattresses offer great features such as a firm edge to prevent sagging, a cooling layer to help you stay cool all night, and combinations of support and comfort layers to help you sleep better. When it comes to mattress sizes, you’ll want to look for something that’s large enough for you to sleep on while still fitting in your room.

Other ways to ensure you’re getting a good night’s sleep include a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and a finding a schedule that fits better with your natural sleeping habits. If you like to watch TV or look at your phone at night, considering buying glasses with a blue light filter built in to block out the bright light that prevents you from sleeping.

Now that you know how to track and improve your sleep habits, it’s time to start on the path toward more restful nights and energy-filled days.


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