Starting a business on the basis of a unique and interesting idea is not that difficult. Once you will get required capital, you can start off your dream venture with ease. The tricky part comes after that; making it sustain in the marketplace and successfully run it for years to come. More than 80% of the startups fail in the first 3 years of their inception with over half of them by the time their first year comes to end.

Because of a cutthroat marketing place, companies look to innovate and come up with something new. Desperate times call for desperate measures and that’s why only those companies succeed who can make their customers happy and make them love their product. The help of a digital marketing company can make you get a head-start in the right direction but you need a product that is really satisfying in every possible way. Let me offer you an example through which you can easily understand exactly what I am trying to connote here in this blog.

How ThirdLove has Changed the Way Businesses Deal with Customers?

Heidi Zak started ThirdLove in a partnership. It is an inner wear line with a difference. And with difference I mean quite a difference. Virtually everyone in this world would go against the idea of competing against the big wigs in the fashion industry like Zara or Victoria’s Secret. But Heidi dared to stand against them and succeeded admirably. It is not a simple case of she came and she conquered but a tale of hard work and determination but if you ask her, she would put the emphasis on customer support.

Many people asked Heidi to look for logo design solutions so that she can get a logo as famous as Apple or Nike as people recognize this instantly. She listened to that but Heidi had something else in her mind and that what I will tell you in detail as this changed the way she was dealing with his company and the customers as a whole.

Customer support is the basis of how ThirdLove has changed the way inner wear are being sold worldwide. Heidi likes to go the extra mile when it comes to offer her customers the best pre-sales, shopping and after sales experience. She specifically take aside time to read the transcript of the customers’ live chat and email correspondence. She looks at each of them carefully so that to know what each customer think about her brand.

Gaining Important Lessons from Customer Support

This should the ultimate goal for a company to learn important lessons from assisting their customers throughout the buying process. A company must be vigilant from the moment a customer shows some interest in buying the product right till he actually buy it and beyond. If a customer will be happy, he will recommend the product to his friends and word of mouth is the best way to get the promotion you need free of cost! But not many companies comply by this simple formula.

Heidi not only looks for positive comments and suggestions through the chat and email but look forward to getting nasty comments too. It is, in fact, these customers who she has to convince so that they can also become regular customers of her company. According to her, these conversations inspire her to do things in a better way and look for solutions for problems which she thought never existed in the first place in her company.

Since the inception of the company in 2013, she has changed quite a few things in the operations side like developing products based on the feedback. That has made her company one of the best in the business as customers know that they will get their money’s worth as a result.

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