Q.bo One Open Source Personal Robot Assistant


A new open source robot personal assistant has been created by a team of developers based in Barcelona, Spain which builds on the company’s mission to make social robots accessible to everyone.

Q.bo One is the perfect Open Source Platform for Developers, based on Raspberry Pi and Arduino.


Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards are attractive embedded platforms among hobbyists for several reasons: affordable pricing, easy interface with different sensors and actuators and a large community that shares both information and resources.

Open Source Robot

The development team and engineers behind the Q.bo One explain more about its inspiration, features and design:

Designed to resemble a living and learning companion working with people, Q.bo One provides a breakthrough level of interactivity never seen before! With this new level of interaction, we want to deliver a positive impact to people’s lives with Q.bo One.

Build, Learn, Program and Expand to create your own Open Source friend with artificial intelligent systems like Siri, Alexa or Cortana BUT with the ambient awareness ABILITIES to See, Hear and Feel the environment.

Q.bo One comes with OpenCV with the capability for facial recognition and maintain eye contact, a synthesizer and speech recognition installed so that you can create your own personal assistant. You can also use Q.bo with existing AI assistants like  Alexa or Cortana. As Q.bo One is open source, you can always expand its possibilities with new software or hardware. You set your own limits on how much you want to do with it.

For full specifications and all available pledges which start from $399 with shipping expected to take place during December 2017, jump over to the official Indiegogo campaign page by following the link below.

Source: Indiegogo