Finding offices to rent in Derby is a wise idea but it’s important not to choose the first property you see. How do you know it’s the right space for you before you sign on the dotted line? Here, we go through some questions on the questions you should be asking before you go ahead and decide on where you’re going to rent.

What services are included in the rent?

Once you have established how much the rent is going to be you will need to know what services are included in this price. You need to think about services such as cleaning, bin collections and what facilities you will have access to. You might want your office space to include a kitchen, and if so then you will have to check if this comes at an additional cost or is included in the rent. Conference rooms may be an additional cost, but you may only need to pay for these when you are actually using them. If something you thought might be included isn’t then just ask how much the monthly fee would be, then you can factor this into your running costs, so you don’t get any surprise bills.

Will the rent increase?

You may be getting a really good deal on your rent when you sign your lease, but you must make sure that this is not subject to any price hikes. Rental prices can increase due to taxes and utilities increasing, if these are not included in your final rent price.

Who is responsible for repairs and maintenance?

When repairs need to be carried out at any property, they can quickly become expensive. It is important to establish with your landlord who is responsible for this. You may want some work to be completed before you move in and this is acceptable to ask for. Make sure you are aware of all your responsibilities before you sign your lease, so you do not have any surprises further down the line. If you read your agreement properly you will not be caught out by any unexpected clauses, such as the expectation of leaving the property in the condition it was when you first took it over.

Are there any upfront costs or extras?

In addition to your monthly rent you may have to factor in some upfront costs such as:

Security – how much is the upfront cost? Is it a one-off payment or does it re-occur? Is the security 24/7 or just after business hours?

Car Parking – If you are leasing a commercial property in a major urban area then they may not have the space to have a car park included the rent. You may have to look to source parking from a close by car park.

Internet and Phone Connection – If your premises does not included these facilities then it is best to consult with a company as soon as you can to get the best deal.

Furniture – You will need to invest in some furniture unless of course your office space already comes equipped with everything you will need. Remember to factor this cost in as business furniture can be expensive.

Who are the other tenants of the building?

If you are in a commercial building with many other businesses sharing the same space it is worth checking who is there before signing your lease. The last thing you would want is to be sharing a building with one of your competitors virtually next door. You can negotiate these issues with your landlord before signing your lease, especially if you feel it would affect your business.

Knowing exactly where you’re up to before signing a lease will make sure you’re comfortable in your new office space, allowing you to quickly settle your business in.