Ankur Jain, the founder of the Kairos Society, reflects on how opportunity has evolved and what entrepreneurs must understand now.
For Real Impact, Entrepreneurs Must Do More Than Solve Big Problems

 Image credit: Getty Images for Kairos Society

Much has changed since 2008 when Ankur Jain founded the Kairos Society, a diverse community of power players brought together to connect young entrepreneurs with expertise and opportunity. Back then, the Great Recession was in full swing and Jain was just 22 and a student at the University of Pennsylvania.

In the near decade since, global interest in entrepreneurship has exploded. Meanwhile, the Kairos Society has expanded to 55 countries and helped launch more than 100 companies working toward big solutions such as clean water and mobile healthcare. Its top companies have raised up to $600 million in capital reaching a combined $2.5 billion valuation.

Jain has been busy too, graduating from Wharton’s business school and founding Humin, a technology company acquired last year by Tinder. He’s currently Tinder’s vice president of product.