One of the ultimate modern driving vehicles and the envy of many is the BMW. Every BMW owner proudly takes care of their automobile as it is their prized possession. If you are the owner of one such mean machine, then you must also know how significant it is to get your BMW serviced only by certified professionals. If you have different ideas reading this article will help you indeed.

BMW Servicing Benefits by Certified Dealers

Matching Parts will give peace of mind – There are many instances when people get their BMW service done by a local dealer. Sometimes they do not realize what the a certified professional brings to the table. Motorists are also under the assumption that a franchised dealer is needed to service their car as the manufacturer’s warranty is still involved. This is an incorrect perception.

The EC Block Exemption regulation of 2003 has allowed that BMW owners can get their cars serviced anywhere. There is no impact on the Manufacturer’s Warranty. However, if you go to a registered and certified dealer then you will get the original equipment matched just as per the quality of the parts of your car. So items such as fuel filters and oil will work better and just as the quality with which BMW manufactures their cars.

24/7 Roadside assistance availability – Roadside assistance is given by certified BMW service providers 24/ 7, 365 days in a year. For the first three years post a car purchase, this assistance comes free of cost. The response is not just quick but highly effective as well. Technicians are highly trained, have years of experience and can offer you such assistance whenever there is a need. Some of the common BMW roadside service assistance only certified professionals can provide you are as follows:

  • On spot mechanical as well as non-mechanical services covering help in breakdowns, flat battery, tyre changes, no fuel or lockouts.
  • Transporting vehicle if repair is not possible immediately and helping out a client with alternative cab service.
  • Coverage for far from home assistance including car rentals, accommodations, relocation of the vehicle, emergency parts, accessories or alternative transportation services.
  • Security for the trailer or caravan.
  • 24-hour medical assistance given by BMW service.

Occasional BMW Vehicle checks – Certified professionals will recommend that you go for a regular vehicle check, in order to always be sure that the car is in the best condition. Such BMW checks are designed in a variety of styles to make sure all the elements of the car is ready for all situations. Some of the popular BMW service checks available in Australia are holiday checks, pre-monsoon checks, summer checks, BMW seasonal checks, BMW safety check, BMW AC checks, BMW light check etc. Certified service provides can also offer customized vehicle check based on individual requirements.

Access to latest information – Not all garages providing car services have access to crucial information. A registered and licensed BMW service provider has to be in compliance with the Manufacturer’s Service Schedule. Hence, they can access different sources of data which helps them give better and customised repair services.

Apart from the above few benefits a certified BMW car service provider offers, there are many other advantages you will discover upon engaging with one. Licensed service providers always make efforts to keep up to their goodwill and providing added benefits such as seasonal offers or discounts to their loyal customers. They believe in making extraordinary business relationships with the people they work with.  There is no point in handing over your precious car to someone who is an amateur when you can avail specialised bespoke services at a marginally higher cost.  So, the next time your BMW demands some TLC, head over to a certified professional and experience the difference for yourself.