When you are new to exercising, you may have no clue what you should be doing to get fit. Everyone has different goals in mind they want to achieve from their efforts. Some may want to lose weight and others might want to be healthier. There are some who only want to work out to look better and wonder how long does it take to gain muscle from lifting weights. The truth is that both women and men can benefit greatly from lifting weights. It is not only for getting big muscles. Below are some of the top reasons why everyone should include some form of weight lifting into their training regimen.


Muscles Take Up Less Space Than Fat In Your Body


Muscles are less dense than fat. Because of this, muscles take up a lot less space in your body than fat does. When you lift weights regularly, you will build stronger, leaner muscles. Muscles can burn your fat even when you are not lifting. You will lose inches off of your body frame.


You Don’t Need Weights Or A Gym Membership


Many people think they need to get a gym membership or buy free weights for their home in order to start lifting weights. You do not need any equipment to work out and get in shape, even when it comes to building muscle. You can use body-weight exercises to get a great workout. Without any equipment, performing the right moves will help you lose weight, gain muscles and tone your body.


Get Better Balance


Another benefit of lifting weights and gaining more muscle is that your balance will improve. Good balance and energy come with building strong, lean muscles throughout your body, especially your core and legs. This is why older people should be lifting weights as well.


You Will Be Able To Do More


Strength training offers more benefits beyond just looking better or losing weight. It can also give you extra energy to do the things you want or need to do. Whether it’s cleaning the house or running after a toddler, you will have the energy you need to get it done. The ability to do more and stay active will allow you to enjoy life more and not get worn down so easily.


Muscles Use More Energy Than Fat


When you move around, lift things, bend over or even talk, you use muscles. There is nothing you do that engages the use of fat. Even when you are sitting and doing nothing, your muscles will still be expending energy, especially the hours following a workout. Weight lifting is the easiest way to burn calories for hours after your workout is complete.


Lower Stress Levels


Another benefit that many people get from lifting weights is their stress levels going down. Exercise is great for helping you mentally and physically. When you spend time physically exerting yourself, you will give your brain a chance to relax.


Lifting Weights Can Double As Cardio Sessions


Not everyone loves to workout every day. When you are trying to incorporate some weight lifting into your routine, you may feel discouraged thinking about adding extra workouts into the mix. You don’t have to add extra days into the mix for lifting weights. There are many ways to mix your cardio sessions with your weight lifting sessions.


Get Better Sleep


It is a fact that adults who are active on a regular basis sleep better than those who are not. When you lift weights regularly, you will get a good workout in and wear out your body enough to sleep better. Once bedtime comes around, you will be more than ready to lay down, fall asleep and get the rest you need.


Stronger Bones


Along with a healthy diet and cardio, your bones will get the benefit of being stronger. Doctors agree that lifting weights can help to keep osteoporosis at bay. Don’t wait until they are weak to lift weights. Get ahead of the game and make your bones strong now.


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