Taking a risk is difficult enough, but what does an entrepreneur do when that risk starts to go south? This problem is not addressed often enough, but in this episode of FemgineerTV, Jessica Mah shares her experience. Mah is the CEO and co-founder of InDinero. She has grown InDinero from zero to multi-million-dollar revenues with nearly 200 full-time staff and has been on the cover of Inc. and featured in the Forbes and Inc. 30 Under 30 Lists.

Mah went from engineering to entrepreneurship right out of college, but it hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses for her. She’s overcome a number of setbacks along the way, including being on the brink of bankruptcy.

Mah shares the lessons she’s learned, from why it’s important to set goals (but not too many!) to how being direct with teammates and customers can help you work through a setback.

If you’ve agonized over a significant setback, click play to learn how to move forward with your business.