The mobile gaming industry generated $34.8 billion in 2015, $41.5 billion in 2016, and expected to generate $74.6 billion in 2025.

Well, the policy is straightforward. Pay people to watch ads. If it takes some amount to grab attention, pay the price, whether it is content, coupon, or something more attractive like Rewarded Video Ads.

Well, in a gaming sector, the reward might be something, which attracts users or offer the user beneficiary stuff- such as more live & free moves on tap, etc. We can say that a reward could be something or anything that fits the significant value.

There is a bare reality, which proves that only 5% of players making in-app purchases, free-to-play mobile games, need to look at other ways to perform monetization.  Because some do some mistakes when using reward video ads. As Rewarded Video ads let mobile app developers, as well as publishers, monetize apps while doubling user engagement. Yes, it is a win-win scenario too because you could get high eCPMs& your players get premium content.

Why Game App Developer relies on Rewarded Video Ads?

It’s not only a statement that Rewarded Video Ads is an intuitive way to monetize your app “now or beyond” but many surveys have explored that most of the App Developers believe that Rewarded Video Ads are the best way with proven practical submission.

In 2014, CrossyRoads rake in a million, and Clash of Clans created a lot via adopting Reward Video Ads as a monetization Strategy.

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Statista findings prove that “In North America, the average eCPM for rewarded video ads was 6.93 U.S. dollars in Android games and 11.24 U.S. dollars in iOS games.”

Introducing Rewarded Video Ads:

Reward video is an ad format that enables centered crowds to pick whether they have to watch a video as an end-result of rewards or contributions, for instance, in-app cash, rewards, or other premium content. A reward video ad can be composed into mobile game and apps by distributers as a way to deal with monetizing their app.It is likewise a profoundly compelling route for brands to draw in with their ideal gathering of people through video.

Rewarded Video Ads can be sent inside your apps utilizing an assortment of strategies —, for example, through offerwalls or native integrations — if users are allowed the chance to pick into the survey involvement. This one of a kind style of value exchange advertising makes rewarded videos a perfect strategy for monetizing apps that advantage players, developers, and sponsors alike while guaranteeing the ideal user experience.

Why Should Every Developers Use Reward Video Ads now or in Future?

In difference to most customary models of mobile ads, reward video ads advantage the client and the distributer. The format urges users to draw in with in-apps positions as a method for gathering virtual products as well as money, while its select in nature guarantees collaborations happen at an advantageous time. Developers and sponsors profit by standard app monetization features, which are boosted by customary collaborations with retained users.

There is a psychology behind reward videos and there is a way to utilize & earn from rewards videos.

Developers and Publishers that actualize Reward Video Ads will experience following measurable benefits in 2019 and beyond:

Increased Engagement and Session Time:

After a solitary Reward video engagement, a higher level of users is probably going to invest more time engaged with the app because of the way that they have accrued digital currency that licenses engagement with premium content.

Increased Ad Revenue:

Rewarded video does not merely build in overall ad revenue, it will, in general, give one of the most elevated eCPMs for app developers and publishers. However, rates depend largely on the audience’s area. In the US, AppLixirReward Video Ads produces an average eCPM of $10.50. This is because of the way that Impressions are conveyed to users who hope to see content instead of being amazed by it.

Higher Conversion and IAP Spend

Once you will expand premium content through your Reward Video Ads, you will avail the higher amount of players and they are more amenable to buy in-game amount and rewards due to legitimately to the way that they have had the option to test premium content and successfully qualify its esteem.

Improved Retention:

Properly implemented, rewarded video ads can turn into a center part of a game or apps essential engagement loop. Exactly when coordinated with perfect cooldowns, Reward video ads can be used to develop commitment engagements, prompting improved retention measurements in all cases.


THE OPPORTUNITY to extend Rewarded Video Ads in Games is massive. Rewarded Video Ads wins since it puts the user first and drives more noteworthy execution for advertisers.