Mobile app developers have a lot to check off on their to-do lists, starting from choosing between platforms to frameworks but mobile user experience has to be on the top of the list.

Now before you jump into any enterprise mobile application development project, it is always advisable to keep the big picture in mind. The picture should include everything, i.e. from what types of tools required to build and manage apps to mobile UX design. It is truly said that a successful mobile app lies in how well it is able to grab the attention of end-users. And this is possible only if the app is designed keeping the UI and UX into account.

About UI/UX

What is User Interface (UI)? Most of the developers have this misconception that user Interface is all about aesthetic elements like screen size and color schemes. Well, it’s much more than that! UI also involves how good your app looks and how well it functions so that it helps to boost customer engagement, improve retention and increase revenue/ recognition for a business.

Whereas On the other hand, the User experience is what the user feels about the app. It includes each and every aspect of a user’s interaction with the app. The overall idea of having an efficient user experience is to earn the trust of the customers by developing a simple and usable app and leaving the users satisfied. In addition to this, a UX designer has a responsibility to do an intense research on the specific industry the app is being built for in terms of the user’s needs.

UX/UI Must Haves:

  • Offer specific mobile-only functionality- One needs to be sure that whatever product you put in the user’s hands will fulfill their mobile needs and wants. In addition to this, make sure that the end experience is as solid as the function.
  • Design core features especially for the target audience- Decide who are you focusing on, gamers or shoppers? Irrespective of your audience, all features must be delivered as promised. No matter how much time is taken to ensure that the user’s experience dovetails with the features in hand.
  • The use of multimedia should be considered for the project- Make sure that the user has full control over the media and don’t let media become a memory hog.

UX/UI mistakes:

  • Don’t confuse web UX for mobile UX- No, they aren’t the same! Simply scaling down the UX features of a web page and designing an app for mobile is not the same thing. These two are different platforms with different audiences.
  • Build a mobile app that highlights mobile user’s needs- Don’t build an app to justify all your ideas. Feedback, change, and growth are all critical factors in the mobile app development cycle.
  • Does your app have a specific function- Make sure to create an app that can actually do something for your end users. I mean if your app ends up with a glorified sign-up page for a service, then I am sure you will be disappointing several people you are trying to reach.

“An enterprise app that does not take the mobile user experience (UX) into account is destined to fail.”

UX is much broader in scope and takes several factors into account such as it refers to how useful the app is or how relevant the features are, general usability of the app or how well it performs and the list goes on.

What is the biggest challenge for the future of mobile app development?

Over the past few years, the pace of development has pretty much accelerated. Even if you are a company who tend to update their apps for security and user experience once per quarter, the task of revamping the experience is easier to be said than done.

So what can be done is? Hiring any mobile app development service provider who knows how to perfectly balance UI and UX can help in acquiring more and more number of users for the desired mobile app as well as it will keep them engaged for a long time. In the clutter of mobile applications, user loyalty has become esoteric. If the mobile app users are comfortable interacting with your mobile app and find it useful as well then you have to strike the right cord with your end users.