When you’re looking to sculpt a body that can compliment your finely tailored suit, it’s essential to pay attention to your nutrition. Abs are made both at the gym and in the kitchen. However, the hectic schedules of many working men interfere with the time needed to plan out and execute healthy meal plans. By thinking ahead, anticipating meals and discovering how to achieve a well-balanced diet, it is possible to eat healthy while living a hectic office lifestyle.

Snacking Smart

While lunches and and dinners with clients offer ample time to eat, some days aren’t equipped with the same leisure time to relax and chow down. Whether you’re on the go, facing a long commute on an empty stomach or have so many meetings schedules that it’s impossible to squeeze lunch in, packing healthy snacks will prevent mid-day crashes or desperate trips to vending machines and corner stores.

Having a reliable reservoir of healthy snacks to select each day before leaving the house allows you to easily make the healthy choice that will properly fuel your body so that it can perform at peak level. Popular and tasty office snacks include fruit, dried fruit, nuts, protein bars, nut bars, energy bars, string cheese, trail mix and yogurt. Other popular options that provide a little more diet leeway without venturing into unhealthy territories are dark chocolate, crackers and jerky.

To make the snacking game more coordinated, you can also secure regular healthy snacks in the office by using a snack provider. Smaller offices can look into UrthBox or SnackNation, while Aramark and Canteen can supply food for large companies.  

Daily Nutrients

In order to be on your A game, it’s crucial to meet daily nutrient levels. Fortunately many Americans are getting enough vitamins, but proper eating can often be sacrificed with busy schedules. Since work deadlines are apt to cause stress, it’s extremely important to make sure that vitamin and mineral levels are met daily in order to lessen the chance of sickness and increase energy and focus.

While paying attention to nutrient levels in the foods you eat is key to building a healthier body, daily supplements and capsules can also ensure that no nutrients are ever being sacrificed. Le-Vel Thrive capsules deliver nutrients designed to assist individuals in reaching their peak mental and physical health levels through providing mental clarity and energy.

Overall, there are key vitamins that men should ensure are included in their diet on a daily basis. Key vitamins and supplements for men include zinc, fish oils, antioxidants, whey, sterols and vitamin D. Zinc keep testosterone levels at optimal levels, while fish oils are key for prostate and heart health. Antioxidants are needed for regulating blood pressure, while they also have anti-aging properties. Whey is effective for building muscles, while sterols are key for cholesterol, immunity and stress. Lastly, vitamin D is needed for male reproductive health.

Subscription Meals

Fortunately there are many services offered that cater fresh, custom meals to your door with minimal to no prep for daily healthy eating made easy. Such meal boxes erase the need for frozen food or takeout, both of which are devoid of adequate nutrients, while also saving time by cutting out the need to grocery shop and measure ingredients. And with meals delivered to your door, you don’t have to spend time worrying about what to eat; your healthy food will be ready and waiting after a long day at the office.

There are a number of meal box subscriptions to choose from based on your specific nutritional needs. Meal subscriptions such as Marley Spoon, Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Green Chef, Dinnerly, Plated, Home Chef, Peach Dish and Gobble arrive with recipes and ingredients that make eating healthy easy. Fear not if you’ aren’t friendly with your kitchen, because the step-by-step recipes provided are clear enough for even the most tentative chefs.

Other options such a Freshly deliver chef prepared food that cater to specific needs. If you’re on the market for fresh, healthy, tasty food that is easy to prepare consider one of these subscriptions.

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