SOON! Smartphones Charged with The Power of a Plant

The problem of ‘battery life’ of our smart phones and its short duration are quite logical, given the fact that we are spending most of our time surfing the internet on these devices. Almost all our devices are very much advanced. They have faster processor, screens with major diagonal, hardware generally more powerful than before and that is why the battery ‘dyeing’ is the major problem among us.

Many companies had been working on this problem, trying to improve the life of a battery and to make it to last longer. They managed to do that with putting an increasing battery capacity in the devices. But despite all of that, the problem remains present and there are many alternative solutions which became very common.

One start-up company called Arkyne Technologies has introduced a unique and quite interesting solution for this problem. This includes a so-called renewable energy sources, using nature’s plants as a USB battery charger.

This product called Bioo Lite is based on the idea from several years ago and a result of a research made by scientists. It is connected with photosynthesis, the process by which sunlight is used to turn CO2 and water into oxygen and organic compounds.

The pot contains bacteria that breaks up the compound and releases electrons which travel along nanowires.  The result is electricity power that powers an USB port, which you plug in your phone.

bio charger


Arkyne, creators of this ‘USB plant charger’, claim that this is compatible only for up to three charges per day. They guarantee that the battery charged this way can last at least five years. One also great thing is that for this process we can use any plant we want, although some of them for example the cactus, is listed as one of the plants which produces more energy and is the most recommended.

This pot is available on Indiegogo as a early bird special for $112. Although this project is still collecting funds, the company has already collected nearly $17,000 and is estimated to begin shipping as early as December 2016.


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