The demand for coffee is on the rise across the globe, so more and more of coffee franchises are springing up all over the place. The market is not favourable only for big business, as local coffee shops stand a pretty good chance of success if they offer a solid product and a pleasant atmosphere to sip the coffee in. A prospective coffee shop owner must know that starting up a café is foremost a process that requires time, money, and before all, dedication. If you make all the right moves, the coffee-making business can be your chance to shine as an entrepreneur and express your creativity but only if you have the right guidance.

Research the Market

Before you open the café, it is useful to conduct the research of the local market. With so many marketing agencies around, it shouldn’t be too hard to find out what your consumers really want, where the best location is to open the café, and what interior and exterior design solutions to apply. It could turn out that starting an entirely new franchise might be too risky, so it would be wiser to take over an existing coffee business that is in financial trouble. Also, be sure to mark the location of your competitors, so you would know what market share to count on. All this and more you will know only after carrying out thorough research of the market.

Write Up a Business Plan

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” is the old saying that couldn’t be truer in the case of hospitality services. You and your employees (to be) might be driven by passion but all that energy needs to be summed up in a financial plan. The aforementioned market analysis will make its way into the executive summary of the financial plan that will feature an overview of the company, its assets, market value, business opportunities, and financial projection. In short, the main purpose of a financial plan is to know where your money is going to right now and to plan (obviously) future actions, such as expansion or the introduction of a new product.

Should I Call in the Professionals?

One question that bothers entrepreneurs is whether they should solicit help from companies that specialize in commercial fitouts. On one hand, this might seems like a betrayal of the self-made businessman ideal but on the other hand, you are not striving to become a commercial interior designer but a coffee shop owner. That is why enterprises who offer complete fitout solutions like the Impecca Build commercial fit out can save you both time and money when it comes to furnishing your new café. You can even count on their experience when it comes to choosing the adequate design because they have fitted out hundreds of businesses, including cafés.

The coffee itself

A good entrepreneur knows that he needs to get crème de la crème (pun intended) when it comes to baristas and waiters. However, the process of making coffee is useless if the coffee beans itself are of poor quality. Try to get the best quality beans as possible so your customers will be satisfied. This way, you will have one more advantage over the competitors. Also, don’t forget to invest in hardware, as an excellent quality roaster is a must! It should be reliable and it needs to have several functions to prepare all the most popular types of coffee. Back to the issue of beans, buy them from a reliable source and always look at the country of origin.

Will Your Café Have a Concept?

What you serve is important but where you serve it is equally important. Coffee to go is a favourite of many but there are people who like to sit down and enjoy each sip of the hot beverage. For them, you need to make sure that the interior or your coffee place offers more than the competition. The design you decide on can be universal or you can custom-tailor it to suit the needs of your target clientele. The concept you choose will influence the design as well, since serving food alongside coffee means that you need larger tables and not so high chairs.

In the end, regarding your new café as both a business opportunity and a chance to have fun. Yes, serving coffee to people from all walks of life can prove to be a joyous activity.