The evolution of the internet has brought us more than we have bargained for. The apps on our smartphone allow us to perform actions and access content in ways we had never thought were possible. Majority of physical chores are slowly getting replaced by digitisation. For example, when we had to check our bank balance, visiting the nearest bank branch was a necessity. Then that got replaced by checking our balance on web browsers, but apps have made this process fully accessible on our smartphones.

But the average citizen with an internet connection is not the only type of person to benefit from this evolution of the internet. Businesses are also looking forward to capitalise on this advancement in technology. Nowadays, there is no such thing as a company which operates wholly online. Even if the category of commerce you run is essentially offline, E.G., the restaurant business, you still need an online portal like a website. Why? Because potential customers will be browsing the web looking for the nearest or finest restaurant in the area that they are roaming in. If they input keywords such as restaurant and Dubai, and if your company does not have an online portal (E.G., website) then the chance of your company being found over your competitors is slim.

But having a website is not the only platform where a company can depict themselves online. Social media is the future. This field has become so vast that there are specialists who are being hired for the purpose of promoting a company’s social media profile. For example, social media management in Dubai. Why invest in social media? The number one reason is that it is a free resource. It takes no money to make a page on Facebook or open up an account on Twitter. There might be costs incurred later on, especially if you’re aiming to expand your business via social media. Nevertheless, you should be well acquainted with steps to drive more traffic from social media in the year 2019.

Allow comments to be posted:

Do you know the biggest difference between having a conversational tool on a website and possessing one on social media? It’s quick response times. Suppose you have a comments box open on a website. The admin and any other people in charge of replying to comments might take an hour, a day, a week, or even a month to respond to a user’s feedback. Compare social media. The admin gets a notification the second a comment on an article/video is posted. This allows for swift response times. The users will also feel more welcome to the business and consider the overall experience as friendly. They would end up giving a higher rating on your social media page/channel, enticing more potential customers to try your products and/or services, seeing how amicable your business is.

Ensure that your content is not only shared but looks shareable:

Why do YouTube creators continuously mention somewhere in their videos to their viewers to share their content, despite there being a prominent share button under the video? Because these viewers usually share these videos on their social media profiles rather than emailing them to colleagues/friends/family members. However, sharing should not be the only aim of your social media strategy in 2019. The content should also look shareable. Ever seen your content shared on the web and notice that there was a typo in the title or the wrong thumbnail had been embedded in the post? This is why you should double-check your posts before publishing them, as well as share them yourself to get an idea. On YouTube, it has been researched that more personalised thumbnails (with the creator’s logo, colouring scheme, and overall layout shown alongside the subject), entices more potential viewers to click on them. So, by making content shareable, your content will gain a more significant amount of shares in the long run.

Integrate your social media profiles with your website:

Often, people need a separate space to give their feedback other than the dialog box on your webpages. Why? Because the feedback on social media is bound to be replied to earlier than comments posted on a company’s website. So make sure to integrate your social media accounts on your website through prominent icons and thumbnails so that visitors don’t overlook them.

Enable the messaging option on your business’s Facebook page:

Have you ever noticed that whenever you visit the Facebook page of a business, there is a messaging icon located on the top? Similar to the one you utilise to make a direct message to a Facebook friend. Yes, professional pages have also adopted messaging ability. Furthermore, you can write your own personalised response times as well, under the messaging icon. Make sure to add a quick response time as viewers will then be more likely to message you their feedback. Chatting is also possible due to the incorporation of a chat box. So, not only is instant replies to inquiries and reviews possible, but you as a business can chat in real time with customers. This leads to a more interactive user experience overall.

Invest in video content:

2019 is the best time to opt for video content. YouTube is ranked as number two on Alexa Global 500 Top Sites, second place only to Google! It has also been documented that younger as well as lazier viewers are more motivated to watch content in video form rather than read an article about the products and/or services that a business is offering.


Social media is changing every day so there is no hard and fast rule to gain more followers. But by adhering to the strategies mentioned above, your business would end up getting more traffic from social media in 2019.