IndiaCADworks believes that one way to convince construction industry stakeholders of the benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is to observe, communicate and share the success stories of it.

Sometimes the most challenging part about converting to BIM isn’t the technology or processes themselves, but the collaborative mind-set of project stakeholders themselves. People have ingrained habits and people naturally want to work in a way that they understand. BIM terminology varies across the world, standards can be harmonized, and BIM can mean different things to different people but the aim here is to show that by learning from others, and from their success stories, any stakeholder organization can get the best of BIM.

Whether a stakeholder is from any of the AEC disciplines, from a large, medium sized or small organization or engaged at any point in the lifecycle of a project, BIM services provider, IndiaCADworks believes that success stories that reveal the benefits of BIM (of both use of its tools and processes) are a useful means of sharing knowledge and advancing BIM across the world.

Being impossible to share all success stories in one go, the focus here is on some of IndiaCADworks observations of the benefits of BIM revealed in recently published success stories from across the global AEC sector.

Leverage the best out of BIM regardless of discipline, organizational size or role in project lifecycle

By observing the success stories from organizations of all sizes, from all project phases, and different countries, IndiaCADworks has observed the engineering or Construction included) an improved multi-disciplinary integrated overview of the current status of a project.  Often users need to provide digital models that can be integrated with data from others on the project team. This can mean providing designs in 3D and calculating services from any stakeholder based on their latest information in either 2D or 3D format. BIM facilitates this through virtual information sharing.

BIM software tool benefits

  • Enhanced visualization of project design intent: BIM software visualization tools can help provide spatial evidence through renderings requiring minimal effort to show both aesthetic imagery and that there is sufficient room for users to sufficiently operate equipment and functionally use spaces.
  • Ease of use for organizational competitive advantage: Some users say BIM software tools are easy to use and differentiates their organization, for an instant competitive advantage within a global market.
  • Automation and real-time synchronization: BIM software automatically generates and coordinates 2D drawings within a 3D digital model, saving time and improving the accuracy of project information.
  • Built-in standards allow cost-savings: By relying on the built-in drafting standards of BIM related software, project teams can deliver professional 2D drawings to clients, without having to develop new drafting conventions
  • Useful time-saving features for enhanced productivity: BIM enabled software analysis tools, standard-compliant symbol, element and object libraries, scheme generation, 2D and 3D design modules allow diagrams, floor plans, sections, details and material lists to be created quickly. Using integrated work-sharing features, project participants have the opportunity to use the same parametric building modeling environment and save all data in a central file.
  • Clash detection for enhanced project accuracy: BIM software clash detection tools allow changes to be coordinated more easily and errors detected faster and more effectively. Through it changes to a digital model can be automatically reflected across all sheets.

‘Leapfrog’ competition by learning from success stories

By analyzing success stories, it appears that by looking to the future and prioritizing training in not only BIM software but also collaborative BIM processes, investing in innovative model-based BIM methodology helps “leapfrog” competition. BIM facilitates this and global BIM services provider, IndiaCADworks supports it.