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A Third of Banking Jobs to Go?

According to a new report machines could soon take over up to thirty percent of bank jobs. So who should be worried. Artificial intelligence and...

The future of FinTech and banking: Digitally disrupted or reimagined?

  New research reveals three key themes for banks wanting to disrupt their own business model and reimagine themselves digitally. Global investment in financial technology (FinTech)...

4 hot trends in banking

Image: Straits Times   These trends are likely to change the way banks operate and the way customers interact with banks within the next decade. Here...

Innovators Applying Deep Learning AI Beyond Banking

AI and machine learning are often discussed as the next frontier in banking and insurance industries. There are, however, even more exciting applications which...

Partner Presentation The Future of Money

Talking about the future of banking. MIT Technology Review

How the payments industry is being disrupted

While we expect the payments industry to keep growing at a healthy rate, powerful disruptive forces will begin to reshape the global landscape. November 2015...