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Thanatos Ransomware Is First to Use Bitcoin Cash. Messes Up Encryption

By Lawrence Abrams  Ransomware developers continue to release infections that are clearly not tested well and contain bugs that may make it difficult, if not...

Coinbase is investigating claims of bitcoin cash insider trading

Bitcoin cash, a bitcoin offshoot, is soaring. But it’s not changing hands for $9,500, as the price displayed on Coinbase’s exchange suggests. Its real...

Bitcoin Cash just exploded in value

Getty Bitcoin Cash is the latest major cryptocurrency to surge in value, with prices more than doubling over the past two days. Following Bitcoin’s split on...

Bitcoin Cash 3rd Largest Cryptocurrency within 24 Hours After Creation

By T. Yablonskaya Bitcoin Cash price is surging now though experts talks about possible increased volatility in the nearest future. Bitcoin Cash is gaining momentum. Just...




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