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How Bitcoin futures trading could burst the cryptocurrency’s bubble

Nafis Alam, University of Reading A new wave was added to the never-ending Bitcoin mania when the Chicago Board of Exchange (CBOE) became the first...

JPMorgan Taps AI Startup to Help Traders Predict Market Moves

By Hannah Levitt / Bloomberg. Bank to use data analytics program MSX in debt trading Software compiles real-time data from firm’s trading floor At the...

South Korean Lawmaker Wants to Regulate Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading

Credits: Seoul / Shutterstock.   Cryptocurrency trading in South Korea is about to get a legal framework soon if one lawmaker has his way. Representative Park Yong-jin,...

How to Start trading on Poloniex with $5

How to Start trading on Poloniex with $5.        

Blockchain OpenLedger | Tutorial #4 : Participating in an ICO

In this tutorial you will learn how to send OPEN.BTC to participate in an initial coin offering.    

Blockchain OpenLedger | Tutorial #3 : Funding your account with Bitcoins

In this tutorial you will learn how to fund your BitShares account with Bitcoin via OpenLedger. In BitShares you will receive OPEN.BTC, an “I owe...