In your career, you will face many people who will only criticize you for your acts. These actions may deserve that criticism or not, but you will face the criticism from your seniors or other people related to your career. Now it is on you to decide how you will face this criticism. Most of the people, fail to confront this criticism and break down in middle of their career which results in wrong decisions regarding their careers. Those who convert the criticism into their motivation started making the decisions that boost their careers. In both ways, it depends on the person’s attitude on his situation.

The above paragraph is not the bad news for the people who cannot face criticism and this fear always effect their career decisions. For those people, it is important to know that there are some methods through which you can change your attitude and behavior towards the criticism. You can also become one from those who never let take the criticism to destroy his confidence and motivation for achieving his career goals. However, to be like them, you also have to think and act like them.

In the next lines of this article, I am going to educate you about the steps and the acts through which you can start taking criticism for better career goals.

Do not react in the first place:

They say the first impression is the last impression. But I believe that first step is the last step. Sometime after facing extreme criticism from your bosses in the office that make you take steps from where all the destruction starts. You have to stop your first reaction and calm your mind down to think logically. Stopping your intent to react in the first place will be your first victory in converting the criticism in the constructive one for your career goals.

Do not take it personally:

You will because the person who would be criticizing you must have been pointing his finger towards you. In such situation somehow you have to make your mind believe that the person who is criticizing you over your work is not getting personal with you and he doesn’t have any negative motive behind. The words from his mouth are not the criticism but his observation which he is trying to make you understand. You have to train your brain in that way, and only then you can start taking the criticism constructively which will help you in making the right decisions in your career.

Look at the bright side:

It is important to be positive all the time. It will help you in taking the criticism constructively. It will prepare you for looking the bright side of every criticism. The term criticism would get erased from your mind, and you will only concentrate on the benefits of the feedback that you are getting from your manager or any senior in your office. Do not let your inner instinct to even think negative on the feedback. Always remember if you are working for someone he or she would always want you to make your work better. Through this, you will only look the bright side of the criticism which you can use in your career for long.

Ask for Specifics:

Asking questions is very important in every situation. If someone is criticizing you, then it is your responsibility to understand the issue on which he or she is criticizing you. You have to ask questions from him and ask for the specifics to understand the issue thoroughly so you would not do the same thing again on which you are getting criticized.

Understand the message:

Do not listen to the words of the person who is criticizing your work. Always try to understand the message and purpose of his observation that the critic is trying to convey through his words and tone. You will find the people who would react big on small things and small on big things. That is why you have to understand the message every time instead of taking the words of the critic personally.

Moreover, do not interfere or try to defend yourself against the criticism. Keep yourself calm and try to understand what the critic is trying to tell you. There may be a chance that the critic himself failed to understand your work or the motive behind it that is why he is criticizing you. Then if you believe that you have strong enough answer to defend your work, only then you should defend yourself, however, if you believe that the criticism is right then accepting your mistake is one of the traits that you can find in every great of this world.

Ask for Help:

If you believe that the person who is criticizing your work is more educated and knowledgeable than you, then you should not be shy about asking the help from him. You will create many different positive impacts on the critic by asking the help of him. First, the critic will feel that you understand and accept your mistake that is why you are now asking him for help because you want to rectify it. Second, it would create an impression on the critic that you are very serious about your work and do not let your emotions to interfere between you and your work. Third, it will also help you to make sure either the critic is smart enough to criticize you on your mistake. Fourth, obviously, it will help you in rectifying your mistake.

It is a help instead of Criticism:

What do you say when someone helps you? Say those words to the critic also because he may be bashing you in the eye of others. But since you are one of that person who always takes the criticism constructively for making the right decision in your career, it is a help for you. It is a chance for you to know more about your work and about the mistakes that you commit unknowingly. That is why you must say “Thank You” after critic.


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  1. What do you say when somebody causes you? Say those words to the commentator likewise on the grounds that he might be bashing you in the eye of others. Be that as it may, since you are one of that individual who dependably takes the feedback productively to make the correct choice in your vocation, it is an assistance for you. It is a shot for you to find out about your work and about the slip-ups that you submit unconsciously. That is the reason you should state “Thank You” after faultfinder. Dissertation writing service UK