Most homeowners understand the importance of trying to save money here and there. Tech-savvy owners are able to realize true energy savings when they learn how to put to use some of the amazing smart gadgets that are available on the market. These devices can be used to help homeowners save money on their electricity each month and monitor their usage easily. Long gone are the days of having to go outside and learning how to read electric meter boxes correctly.

By integrating and upgrading your home’s smart features, the gadgets will allow your lighting, water, HVAC and security systems to use energy in a more efficient manner. These small smart gadget investments for your home can lead to large savings financially in the long run.

Below are some of the market’s newest and coolest smart gadgets that homeowners can put to use to save money on energy costs.

Smart Thermostats

One of the best smart gadgets for saving money on energy costs is a smart thermostat. These will take your home’s energy efficiency to a whole new level. It can help prevent you from forgetting to adjust the temperature in your home. Some of the smart thermostats available have the ability to adjust your thermostat according to your daily habits. Some electric companies offer electricity plans that homeowners can put into use with their smart thermostats to maximize their energy savings.

Smart Sprinkler

Another great gadget to consider is a smart sprinkler system, such as the one made by Rachio. It has the capability to connect with local forecasts, take into account your soil and plant types and can remember areas of your yard that get the most sun exposure. When each of these features gets combined, you will be given a custom watering schedule that will be optimized for your yard and watering needs. When you water your yard only when needed, you will save money on water and electricity.

Smart Shower Heads

Another gadget to save water and electricity with is a smart shower head. The way these shower heads save money is by monitoring both the water usage and the temperature you use while showering and bathing. The shower head is powered by the flow of water and does not require any batteries or other power sources. While you are showering, the gadget will display an LED screen listing the water you are using in gallons per minute. It will also keep you updated on the temperature of the water while taking your shower. You won’t have to waste money on water while waiting for your shower to heat up. You will know right away when the temperature is perfect.

Smart Plugs

Currently, smart plugs are able to work with your home’s Wi-Fi and an Apple device. The plugs are outlet adapters that can allow users the ability to turn on and off their plugged-in appliances from anywhere in and out of their home. If you are at work and day turns to night, you can use your smartphone to turn on the lights in your home. While in bed, you can get the space heater turned on in the living room so it is nice and warm before you get up. These are just a few examples of what you can use smart plugs for.

Smart Blinds

A genius way to save money on energy costs is by using smart blinds. According to the United States Department of Energy, blinds are able to reduce the amount of heat your home gains by up to 45-percent when they are closed and lowered on a sunny, warm day. When you utilize smart blinds, you won’t have to worry about closing the blinds yourself. The smart blinds come with an automation kit that can easily be programmed to open, close and tilt when you want them to. Some smart blinds come with sun-tracking features that will automatically adjust your blind settings as the day changes. The blinds use a solar panel strip for energy.