Ten lessons I painfully learnt while moving from software developer
to entrepreneur/CEO role from Wojciech Seliga
My presentation from Devoxx Poland 2016 conference – the newest, slightly revised version.
For many years I was a software developer. I would concentrate on the code, software projects and the interactions with my closes team and the users. I was sure that Agile solves all world’s problems. I would laugh over Scott Adam’s Dilbert comics with his Point Hair Boss. Life was simple, life was good. Now for 8+ years I have been running a software company, not a small one anymore. I became myself a full-time boss who only codes sometimes at home or during hackathons.
This session is about sharing with you those critical lessons which I painfully learnt when trying to grow into this new role – transitioning from being a software engineer into being an entrepreneur and top manager. Wheres not all of the lessons may or will (if you dream about your own startup) apply to your case, being aware of them may save you tons of time, energy, money or even help you to avoid the total disaster – burying your own company or dreams. And after all, sharing war stories from the past is fun … when these stories are the past.