Another day, another alleged crypto scam.

A Russian cryptocurrency mining firm is currently under investigation by the Texas State Securities Board for allegedly misrepresenting itself and its supporters to solicit funds from Texas residents, according to a September 18 press release.

Texas Securities Commissioner Travis J. Iles issued an emergency cease and desist order to the Russian-based crypto mining firm, Coins Miner Investment Ltd., based on a number of unscrupulous practices.

Coins Miner Investment Ltd. is accused of “spoofing” email addresses of US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase to make it appear as if that exchange endorsed the company. No proof of endorsement by Coinbase could be verified.

The company is also under investigation for sending prospective investors a photograph in which a person connected to Coins Miner Investment Ltd. named Ana Julia Lara falsely represents herself as an employee of Coinbase. The company told potential investors that the picture is of her with the president of Ripple. However, the person identified as “Lara” in the photo is actually a vice president of CoinTelegraph Media Group.

Additionally, Coins Miner Investment Ltd., based out of Volgograd, Russia, is also under investigation for using a false UK address.

On top of these charges, the company is accused of using stock footage and pictures intended to falsely depict its “expert team,” the interior of its headquarters, and its computer hardware. The company allegedly superimposed its own logo onto a video of a Fortune journalist talking about cryptocurrency to give investors the idea that Fortune supported the company. Fortune does not.

On top of all that, according to the press release, “The Coins Miner investments are securities under Texas law, but the offerings are not registered for sale in Texas and neither Coins Miner nor Lara are registered to sell securities.”

The Texas State Securities Board issued cease and desist orders to two other crypto-related companies yesterday: one to Ultimate Assets LLC and another to DGBK Ltd. Both companies are under investigation for violating Texas securities laws and misrepresenting themselves and their sponsors. 

Texas has been active in shutting down cryptocurrency scams. In May, ETHNews reported on the North American Securities Administrators Association’s coordinated investigation into fraudulent cryptocurrency schemes, dubbed Operation Cryptosweep. The Texas State Securities Board is spearheading the operation, which involves over 40 state and provincial regulators across the US and Canada.