Many people wonder how to keep businesses growing to continue making more sales. Managers should know that business growth requires you to show interest and motivate your employees to improve individual productivity. As a leader, you should keep learning new tricks in growing your business from time to time. You can learn new leadership skills from business journals, books, and magazines, especially if you are new in the management position. Great leaders value the attitude and feelings of the workers as the key to business development.

A study shows that a happy employee increases productivity by 20 per cent while unhappy worker will decline the production process by over 10 per cent. Here are some tips to help you improve your business;

  1. Invest in Open Communication

Open communication is crucial when working as a team towards a certain goal. As a good leader, do not act tough that no one wants to associate with you under any given circumstance. You should look for effective methods to initiate proper communication and expect wonders in the employees’ motivation. Dedicated members of staff will be seeking your attention, requiring answers to some questions, and wanting to show concern. Therefore, you should provide an open door for proper communication to make the workers feel like part of the business. If the open door method does not work for you, you can encourage group discussions during staff meetings where the workers can air concerns. You should show concern to an employee’s input. Also, show that you need some time to think about a suggestion by your worker instead of dismissing the idea or directing the matter to another individual.

  1. Complimenting and Praising

When you compliment someone for a job well done, you make that person feel superior. Praising is a good way to motivate your workers and can help to keep your business ahead of your competitors. Praise and compliments are known to be effective ways to motivate workers for the commitment to give quality output at the workplace consistently. Numerous studies show that praising can improve an individual’s’ productivity, gives higher royalty, increase customer scores, and can prolong the stay of the worker in an organization. Praises should be given during staff meetings when other can witness so that to instal the motivation to others and create an atmosphere of competitiveness. When the customer gives a positive compliment, you should ensure the employees learn about the appreciated, well-done job.

  1. Be that Person You can Work for

Many of the experienced employees ever worked for unapproachable employers with unrealistic goals. As a manager, when you make the workplace uncomfortable by pressurizing your workers, you can lower the level of productivity even if the workers do love the job much. You should rate yourself whether you can work for you. The rating will help to refrain from behaving awkwardly towards your employees. Always try to put on a smile while at work. Staying happy and positive about things will help the workers follow your lead. You should develop a passion for motivating others in your institution. Also, you should know that human beings are prone to error. Sometimes when a mistake happens, a worker will feel challenged to admit the failure in your presence. When you show understanding and support, the employees will complete the job with no fear of failure.

  1. Invest in Insurances, Incentives and Other Benefits

Providing incentives is a positive motivator for your workers in enhancing general productivity. Incentives will create a healthy internal competition among workers increasing the overall output. Such incentives include sharing of profit when the company makes overwhelming sales, giving your workers some days off, or arranging for celebration parties when you beat the required target. You can consider investing for a life insurance policy, vehicle insurances, the ones that cover for their medical treatments or simply organize sessions that indicate why one should invest in a good insurance policy or what are their long-term benefits. Insurances are the sure way to show how much you care for their personal losses and gain brownie points when it comes to counting them in for the loyalty. These actions will gain your company points to help you maintain your excellent employees and attract more talents. Also, you can provide food to the employees during working hours. Giving nutritious food will indicate interest in your workers’ physical health and not just in the company’s performance.  

  1. Provide an Opportunity to Advance

You need to invest in your workers future to have faith in you. The employees will fight for perfection if there is room for advancement. Instil training to your workers that will help in climbing the achievement ladder in life. You can take some of your excellent employees to manage the operations in your branches. The appointment shows trust and no one would want to break such trust when given such credit. When you offer promotion, you raise the bars of developing skills. The promotion will help your company gain the reputation as the right firm where people can work effectively. Also, when you nurture talents, you set bars higher for your competitors to fetch workers from your company.

  1. Develop Teamwork

As a good manager, you should ensure your workers are on good terms with each other. Encourage team building activities to help the employees relate positively to each other. Organize activities like building a football team to help in participating in competitions with other firms. Team building game show style formats include games like business trivia, GK quizzes and entertainment shows, which will increase the workers’ focus and will be beneficial for their physical and mental state. Also, the interaction will ensure the proper relationship of the workers to help resolve matters as soon as possible even when you are not around. You should be a team builder by resolving a conflict between two workers without being bias. Good managers show how to focus on relevant matters by resolving matters with the shortest time possible.

  1. Invest in Employees’ Happiness

You should ensure your employees are happy while working for you. Also, have in mind that your employees are human beings who have another life outside the workplace. Many of the workers have families to attend to and other personal issues. Your team will be motivated if your employees know that you can understand if a worker would want to rush home to attend to a family matter.

Do not be a leader who thinks that work can only be perfect only in your presence. You should give your workers a chance to prove the capability and potential to increase production. Also, provide room for perfection and support your employees to manage fast business growth.