Health and Safety in office is a very important aspect of which can’t be ignored. According to laws too, one needs to implement a few mandatory health and safety measures in the office. Initially, the whole process of setting up the safety measures may seem very cumbersome but in reality isn’t that difficult at all.

With some research and stringent planning, you can make sure the basic health and safety in the office without much of complication. Though the list of health and safety measures for every kind and office furniture design of workspace would be different, considering most offices are in sitting arrangement model, we can sketch out some basic things that can be used generally in any type of setting.

The following is a checklist of the measures you would need to follow for the basic health and safety of the office:

Ventilated Areas:

In the modern offices which are generally concrete bound from all sides and air conditioned, natural ventilation could be a challenge. However, it is very important to include proper ventilation in your office space, which will keep the air flow of the office going. In absence of ventilation, the possibility of health issues among the employees increases tremendously. The quality of air may be comprised on if one of the employees sneezes or coughs, the chances of other employees communicating the diseases will be high. Hence, Ventilation should be a top priority on the list.

Fire Exits:

It is mandatory by the law to have proper and dedicated fire exits in the occasions of fire accidents in the office. While planning the office, it is essential to plan adequate fire exits that can accommodate the number of people that would be working in the space.

Fire Safety:

Education regarding fire safety is very important. As not every employee can be trained to be an expert in dealing with fire, few employees need to be selected from the lot to be trained in handling fire and following the evacuation procedures following the fire accident. Apart from this, employees should be discouraged to carry any highly inflammable material into the workspace. Additionally, proper functioning smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and fire alarms need to be installed in the workspace, which need to be checked for the functionality on a regular basis.

Work Desks:

The work desks or workstations that employees work from should be ergonomic and comfortable. With the availability of modular office furniture these days, achieving this is not that difficult. The office furniture design shouldn’t be too stuffy or clumsy; there should be enough space to move around. The comfort of the office furniture should not be compromised for office furniture design and style.

Readily available first aid kit:

The role of first aid in most of the medical cases is enormous. An easily accessible first aid kit is a must for any office in case of any medical emergency. The first aid kit should include some basic medicines, sprays, ointments and bandages. One or few of the employees can be given training in first aid for more efficient first aid response.

Comfortable temperature:

As most of the offices are air conditioned, it not very hard to control the temperature. It is best to keep the temperature of the workspace comfortable for all the employees. The temperature should not be too low or too high, the generally accepted comfortable temperature is 16 degree Celsius.

Adequate Lighting:

If the nature of the work at an office is computer-based, as it is, the eyes tend to get very strained. Hence, it is vital to not worsen the issue by poor or inadequate lighting. Apart from just straining eye, bad lighting also affects the mood and morale of the employees. Hence, the lighting near the workstations should be especially good, most workplace go for desk lamps or overhead lights in workstations.

Electric threats:

Wires which are not tamed can be a cause of concern; if the electric wiring of the office is not done properly it may lead to the risks of electric shocks which can cause serious damage in cases. Even cables of other types also should not be left unattended, instead should be neatly organized.

These above points will act as a basic checklist for the health and safety in the office. Work well and stay safe!