Superb customer experience (CX) will make or break your business in 2019. Recent reports and studies indicate that CX could be the main differentiator in creating—and retaining—a loyal customer base who’s actually willing to pay more for better service. It’s called experiential marketing and it’s driven by successful digital asset management.

Customers have been hungry for years for more attention. A 2011 Oracle report found that “86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience” and “89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience.”

A Sirius Decision 2017 global CMO study found that respondents ranked enhancing CX as their main priority. The two main obstacles to achieving better CX were cited as organizational readiness and insufficient data.

A digital asset management (DAM) system is software that integrates marketing processes across a variety of channels and operations, providing a better CX. DAM solutions also:

  • Provide effective marketing resource guidelines for a brand in a centralized location.
  • Helps a business identify and monitor all the channels they use to promote their product or service.
  • Protects and stores business assets and enables businesses to identify what assets they need.
  • Empowers organizations to plan strategic campaigns based on big data analysis and predictive software tools.
  • Utilizes sophisticated software to automate repetitive processes and free up staff for more creative and innovate tasks.
  • Enables the intelligent personalization of customer communications to improve CX.
  • Reports on campaign results and measures their success.
  • Assists with the distribution of marketing assets and deployment of campaigns.
  • Facilitates staff collaboration across multiple channels.

But, how do you turn business strategy into an actionable plan? Try the deceptively simple—but effective—two-step strategy below.

First, define the ideal CX for your brand, which means identifying every touch point (interaction) between you and your customers, from help desk support calls to communication on social media. It’s about understanding how your customers use your products and what they want from you in the future.

This mainly involves customer feedback, but buyer/seller interactions are a two-way street, and your personal journey can influence your customers, too. Using an MRM, you can develop a unique, consistent brand story to share with your customers and grab the attention of new ones.

Second, interact with them in new, bright and fresh ways, but don’t forget that traditional approaches are still around because they work:

  • Keep in touch by posting regular blogs about your product or service.
  • Invite customers to seminars, presentations and conferences.
  • Advertise special offers to valued customers and allow them to try before they buy.
  • Give them prizes and free stuff.
  • Get involved with local communities on the ground level.
  • Respond politely and empathetically to customers’ stories, compliments and complaints.
  • Ensure a customer service representative is always on-hand to respond personally.
  • Don’t neglect the customer’s mobile experience.
  • Invest in staff training.
  • Give customers choices—e.g. the freedom to perform their banking online or visit the nearest branch for a personal touch.
  • Explain to customers why you do the things you do—e.g. needing 3 months’ proof of income before approving a loan.
  • Share customer success stories.
  • Introduce your employees to customers with fun facts about who they are and why they work for you.
  • Always be transparent and contactable.
  • Drill into your employees’ heads that there are no stupid customers.

An DAM platform provides a centralized brand portal where your organization’s creative thinkers can share ideas and cross-pollinate with developers and business leaders. By sharing your brand assets and campaign ideas in one central location, you ensure that your customers have consistently positive experiences with your brand—and that they keep coming back for more.