The corporate world is growing vastly which means that there are more business opportunities arising each and every day. Just to break it down, the job pool is now heavily populated by not only currently hired employees, but also the likes of interns and job applicants. In such a competitive market, every company obviously wants to have the best employees in the market in order to boost its production levels and maintain its high standards.

If your firm is among those trying to attract the best labor, you ought to ask yourself when was the last time you redesigned the office? Let’s admit it, there are several companies out there that never change the looks of their offices, and yours might be among them. Therefore, the best way to maintain a positive atmosphere and make your firm attractive for top candidates is simply to redesign your entire office look. This move creates a pleasant sensation amongst your employees and builds upon their confidence. Below are a few office design ideas that you can go with for maximum impact.

Why is The Office Design Crucial?

Developing the right office design is not a light matter because it’s what creates an image directly to your clients and employees alike. Therefore, the best way to kick start on your office redesign is to identify the company’s niche area. A good example is that of a company that offers gaming services For such a case, the best office design ought to have a tech or colorful look in order to blend in with the work being done behind the walls.

Therefore, knowing the niche of your office will shine a light upon your new office design ideas. In addition, there are other factors that may come into place such as space limit, your budget, and maybe even employee opinion on the same. By putting all these aspects into consideration, you’ll definitely be a step ahead towards achieving the right office look that your company needs. Here are some of the office designs that you can apply to your office:

1. The Flexible Office

Most businesses today have taken a direction towards developing a modern look, be it an old business or a new one. This means that several companies want to employ a young and energetic atmosphere whenever possible. A flexible workplace can be useful in so many ways other than just offering flexibility. To adopt this design, you’ll certainly need to get the right equipment such as movable office desks, foldable tables, movable office chairs, and other foldable gear that can be passed through your modernized interior doors. The main advantage of such a design is that you can always maximize limited space. This is way different from the traditional office look where every equipment is set and fixed in one position which can at times be difficult to change due to bulkiness.

A good example to consider is that of a workplace that holds several board and client meetings within their office walls. By having foldable meeting desk and chairs, you’ll be in a better position to create enough room for accommodation on the same matter. Immediately after a meeting, you’ll also be in a position to simply fold the desk back to its compressed form and put them where they belong. This ultimately makes the office space feel bigger regardless of the limitation. It also brings about a dynamic way of gathering a team of new and current employees together, allowing them to work on both a short or long term period.

2. Activity Based Design

Other than the flexible design, most modern companies have taken this into consideration. The activity-based design is simply arranging and placing employees in various office locations so as to suit the type of work that they’re doing. This means that each and every employee is placed in a certain location that can easily blend in or facilitate the type of work that they’re meant to deliver at the end of the day. Therefore if an employee has work that requires high levels of attention and seriousness, then he/she can be placed in a secluded office that won’t easily be interrupted by noise or people for that matter of fact. On the other hand, if an employee is required to learn and adopt new concepts from other employees, then he/she ought to be placed in an easily accessible office or even close to the employees that they are required to offer the assistance to. Below is a list of areas that you can modify for an activity-based workplace:

  • Privacy Areas – This meant to reduce distractions caused by other employees or clients.
  • Meeting Areas – This is meant to facilitate client and board meetings without any sort of interruption.
  • Quiet Focus Areas – This is meant to specifically get rid of noise distractions.
  • Open Office Areas – This is meant to make the employees easily accessible.
  • Lounge Areas – This is mostly to create a cozy atmosphere around employees and clients.

3. A Home Based Workplace

One of the biggest office trends in the corporate world today is the home-based workplace. This kind of design is mainly meant to create the idea of a home far from home. Ideally, the concept is meant to bring employees and clients to a sense of calmness that they experience when they are at home. It mostly consists of home lookalike equipment, comfortable sofas, unsophisticated interior decor, and lounge designs. This setting makes it easier for employees to take some time off and relax both their bodies and minds to rekindle their energy levels throughout the day. However, you may get the wrong idea that a home-based work environment is all about cozy sofas and being comfortable. They can also be used to carry out high-profile client meetings, allow employees to carry out productive discussions. You could also find a comfortable space to work on your laptop. The main reason why this office design has started to grow in popularity is due to the fact that most of the office work today can be executed away from the office as long as you have the appropriate gear.

4. A Nature Based Workplace

Scientifically, the human brain perceives certain situations based on the color of the environment. In other words, a nature-filled environment can create a sense of calm and relaxation. This is mostly because of the color green. In any case, the best way to make anyone feel comfortable and relaxed is to simply reconnect them with nature. This nature appearance is referred to as a biophilic design that enhances your mood and simultaneously reduces stress. Results have shown that a biophilic workplace is more suitable for employees and as a result, it’s much easier to be productive and creative in your work. Here are some of the modifications you can apply for your office biophilic design:

  • Flowing Water – This is easier to set up in lager space areas. It mostly consists of streams, mini-waterfalls, and fountains.
  • A Natural View – This can be achieved in a building located around a well-maintained nature environment. The best way to enhance this is by having large windows instilled into the building.
  • Natural Light – This can best be achieved by putting up a building that allows light through large glass windows, glass doors, and sunroofs.
  • Plants – According to Science, plants have the capability of reducing toxins in the atmosphere which is a big boost for human health.
  • Natural Materials – This can be achieved by making sure the floors, interior, window frames, and stairs are made from natural materials such as wood.

5. Industrial Office Design

One of the office designs that you can’t forget about is the industrial office look. It initially became popular in the late 2000s and is still being used up to date. This is mainly because it’s simple and unsophisticated to put into place. Here are some of the modifications that are used for this design:

  • High ceilings
  • Overhanging light fixtures with bare light bulbs
  • Uncovered ceiling pipes
  • Uncovered brick walls along the exterior of the office space
  • Uncovered ceiling beams
  • Very large windows
  • An open office space with no Interior walls
  • Natural wood instead of treated wood

The type of office design is important for the image and mood created to the client and employee respectively. All in all, developing the ideal look for your employees is a step towards harnessing their work potential.