Short overview

In this article, we will handle the influence celebrities have on females regarding purchase decisions. Firstly we will give an introduction to the theme. Secondly, we will discuss why celebrities could have an impact on purchase decisions. Thereafter we will provide some background information about the participants. Thirdly we will tell about something about Instafamous people. Subsequently, we will handle the importance of the quality of pictures. And lastly, we will give a conclusion about the article.


Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social network services where people share their life pictures with other people. Different studies found that people spend more time on Instagram than on other similar social networking services. At this time Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users. The profiles of celebrities’ are at the top of the list of the most-followed pages on Instagram, which are frequently used to send marketing communication messages to their followers. There are numerous Instagram accounts that have over one hundred million followers. Some studies found that people perceive individuals with a large number of subscribers as more trustworthy and attractive. If you are looking to become an influencer yourself, you can choose to buy Instagram comments in order to make your account more appealing to your faithful followers and fans, and make your posts more interesting as well. These Instagram comments are written by actual people so they will be relevant to your posts and account. The more comments you get on your content, the higher you will rank in instagram’s algorithm, making you more prominent to appear on your followers’ feed, and to appear on the explore page of those who don’t follow you yet.

Impact of celebrities

The definition of source credibility is the perception of the consumer about the information source based on trustworthiness, attractiveness, and knowledge in the area of the endorsed product. And the definition of EWOM (electronic word of mouth) is any information about a product that is communicated by potential consumers through the Internet. On Instagram, EWOM has become an influential and persuasive information source due to the evolving popularity of this social media and availability through smartphones and other devices. Celebrity approvals are considered trustworthy sources in creating a positive EWOM regarding particular products and services. The impact of celebrity ratifications as marketing communication tools has been widely researched before, nonetheless, there is a lack of research on diverse types of celebrities within social networking services. This is mainly the case for Instagram which is facing rapid growth and could, potentially, be of great importance to the marketer. This article examines the effect Instagram has on people, with the focus specifically on the increasing importance of celebrity approval and their influence on female users in the age group 18 to 30 years old. Previously done research shows that half of Instagram users fall into this age category.

Background information

All participants indicated that they follow some type of celebrity on Instagram. There where numerous participants that stated that at least 70% of the accounts they followed, were those of celebrities. The reason for this is that most of them felt the lifestyles and posts from celebrities are more interesting than people they know personally. A lot of those participants also said that they use Instagram as their main social networking service because the visual elements make it more appealing than other social networking services. A few participants noted that they follow traditional and online celebrities if they have “nice, high-quality pictures”. Almost all of the participants were familiar with the term “Instafamous”. Participants considered bloggers and ‘lower-end’ celebrities were the most influential when listening to their stories and opinions. Almost one-third of the participants told that about 25% of the accounts they follow are from celebrities. Both typical celebrities and individuals whom they would personally identify as celebrities, including well-known makeup artists. One participant stated that she would class anyone with more than 30.000 followers on Instagram as a celebrity and many participants held the mutual view that their number of followers was an indication of the credibility of a person and that determining an individual on Instagram as a celebrity would be based on the number of interaction, like comments on their content, they have.


According to research, online celebrities appear to be effective in online communication and that trustworthiness is one of the key dimensions of source credibility. All participants knew what the term Instafamous means and all of them established similar definitions as to what the term refers to. A few of the respondents defined the term as describing a person who creates Instagram content meant to inspire people. Some other participants stated that the term refers to someone who is well known on Instagram by more people than just their friends. One participant described Instafamous people as those with a strong presence online, most people with good lives and a lot of money to be able to buy really nice things and post primarily about expensive things.

Quality of pictures

Participants were also asked about special effects and filters used on Instagram. Some participants responded that they enjoyed the wat images were made more visually appealing and believed that this contributed to the success of Instagram. A lot of participants had never considered how images may have been manipulated, but after consideration told that this could affect the composition and appearance of a displayed product. One participant said that she would only pay attention to professional-looking pictures. Another participant said that image enhancement is the norm and that it isn’t a secret that people use filters and that is the whole point, to make things look more appealing. All of the participants stated that images which are edited to be more appealing make them more favorable. Besides the quality of the pictures and the filters used, the composition is also very important. The composition of pictures on Instagram refers to the way objects are arranged in a picture which guides the viewer towards the most important element in the picture. The participants also stated that with the right use of filters, the composition of pictures can be improved.


The influence celebrities have on people through social media should not be underestimated. The results showed that the attractiveness, composition and the quality of pictures are of significant importance to participants. These are also the key reasons whether someone follows an account. Results also showed that there is a strong linkage between EWOM and purchasing based on trust. So people are more likely to buy something when a celebrity talks positively about it. This is a great opportunity for companies to bring their product to the people. If they alter their marketing strategy and start using Instagram to promote their products without it being obvious to the consumer. To do this they can use celebrity’s or better Instafamous people because Instafamous people have more influence. This is because the products these people enjoy were more affordable to the participants.