There is no better method to understand your employees than making use of technology. Interacting has never been easier. The best part is most employees are completely open to using their phones and personal emails for work related queries. You will be able to evaluate your employees by using technology. It is likely that you already communicate with several employees via texting, video chat, phone calls, and email already, so why not use these services to evaluate the employee? Your company may even have its own platform to discuss all things business.

Below you will find many of the ways technology is increasing employee engagement and allow you to learn more about the person you hired.

Performance Management

Software exists that can monitor an employees every move. A company is able to monitor every second a cashier is on the register, know exactly how far a driver has drove, and much more.

If you require a way to keep up with your employee, no matter the task assigned, software likely exists that can assist you with your problem.

Eases Cross-Department Collaborations

Terminal break, employees no-show, and a plethora of other problems happen when least expected. It has never been easier to contact a co-worker from another department or location than right now.

We are all one click away from contacting the exact person we need. Not only does this make the employees job easier, it means you won’t have to interfere when a problem occurs on your watch. Your employees can work together more efficiently, assisting each other, thanks to technology.

Employee Training

Employee training is one of the most important steps to securing new workers, especially in companies with high turn around rates. Gone are the days of requiring future employees to rewind and switch out video tapes. The entire training process can be done on computers now. CBL, or computer based learning, has become the norm for grocery, fast food, and retail chains, resulting in employees reaching the floor faster than ever before. Even industries such as medicine and construction make use of CBLs.

Employee Evaluation

It has never been easier to calculate your eNPS, or employee net promoter score. Asking the question in person may seem awkward for the employee. Determining who your most faithful employees are has never been easier. Don’t rely on the score entirely however. If an employee fails the evaluation that doesn’t mean he isn’t a hard worker.

Social Engagements Outside of Work

It’s usually positive when employees become friends outside the workplace. It means they have similar interests and will likely work well together. When employees mingle outside the workplace, it builds bonds that translate to the workplace. Technology helps strengthen friendships due to online activity and ease of communication.

Employees can also interact with their friends on social media, promoting your product or service on a community based, one-on-one level. You can even organize schedules for when your team shares a business-related post to their feed.

Keep your Employees in Sync

It’s easy for employees to work around each other, but it is better when they don’t have too. Technology allows everyone to know when their colleagues will be showing up for work. It also allows them to schedule work groups, leading to increased productivity and interests in projects. Technology also enables use to make use of webinars and voice calls, enabling an employee to be present even when they aren’t in town.


Most benefits of technology are quite apparent, so don’t allow the advice on this list to cloud your judgement. Employee engagement and evaluation has never been easier, and you have likely already benefited from its presence without knowing.