Human Resources has expanded into an intriguing, multi-dimensional field in the past few years. There are various facets to it that one can explore in order to be an all-rounder HR professional.

Over the years, the HR zone has transformed itself majorly by encircling a number of diverse functions that are complex as well as interesting in nature. This evolution of human resources as a comprehensive domain of work is pulling the attention of countless individuals who wish to dip their toes in it.

The primary reason for people to be excited about joining the distinct world of HR is that it now encompasses many different type of roles and duties. So basically, human resource is a wide land of amazing opportunities that helps HR professionals explore a wide range of aspects which keeps them engaged and encouraged in their professional lives.

In this article, you will get to know about a variety of roles that the HR industry covers. So, if you are an aspiring HR professional, this piece of work shall be highly helpful for you.

Roles & Responsibilities in the HR Sector

  1. HR consultant

Being a consultant is the new ‘in thing’ in the professional world. Establishing yourself as an HR consultant in today’s time can take your career on the right path. As a consultant in the HR industry, you provide your services to multiple companies that are ready to pay you big bucks for your expertise.

An HR consultant can have a range of specializations, such as employee motivation, employee incentives along with rewards programs, retirement plans, and so on. If you choose to become a human resources consultant, you can specialize in one or more subjects. The main function that you shall have to undertake is to make an in-depth analysis of an organization’s situation and offer appropriate suggestions to help it reach close to its objective.

  1. International HR Professional

The best part about selecting this job position is that you get to travel over numerous countries and gain knowledge about disparate people and cultures.

Professionals with this job profile are responsible for recruiting candidates for global positions, handle employee compensations & incentives as per a nation’s laws & regulations, labor relations, construct learning & development programs. Fundamentally, the tasks tackled by an International HR Professional are the same as a regular HR practitioner would come across on a daily basis, but, they also get to experience traveling to many nations and experiencing several cultures and languages.

Unlike old times, it has become more convenient to enter a field like this one due to the presence of various professional certifications in the market.

  1. Human Resources Executive

Though, reaching to this position is a tough nut to crack as it requires you to have a decent amount of world experience and an excellent track record, however, once you reach up to the executive level, it is entirely worth because of the power and money that it brings to you.

Going by recent research, the chief HR officer of a firm earns as much as $200,000 annually. Therefore, it is a dream job for many and sustains this profile, you are needed to build a strong HR strategy for your company in the pursuance of supporting it to attain its goals.

If you establish yourself as the chief or vice president of HR of a company, any and every HR related task shall run through you first. That being the case, this position gives you the opportunity to taste success big time.


  1. As Human resource is a wide land of amazing opportunities which helps me explore and get encourages in my professional life. Over the past few years HR has expanded into a multi dimensional field.
    Moreover, the above article helped me in deciding and choosing my career path in HR, so all those who are confused about which field to select and what all roles and responsibilities are to taken care of can refer to this article.