One of the most thriving consumer products in the market are clothes, specifically t-shirts. What originally started as men’s undergarments are now worn by all genders of all ages, and there are a plethora of design to choose from so anyone can wear one that best suits his/her own taste in fashion.

But more than just being apparel, the humble t-shirt also has bears social and cultural significance. As ubiquitous as they are, t-shirts can be medium for any ideas and concepts – from provocative political message too subtle social commentary, to balloon heads with silly jokes to city’s tourism tag line and famous spots.

A lot of clever entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the popularity of t-shirt and started a business out of this fashion staple. While many have focused on producing t-shirts with rather conventional design, there are more forward thinking ones that sell t-shirts not only as a way to provide their customers with high-quality garments but also as an item that make them reminisce the city they have recently visited.

Such is the case for geotees, which for years have been selling high-quality t-shirts packaged in a way that many people have not seen before. With presence in key U.S. city destinations such as Charleston and Malibu, geotees offer top-rated souvenir t-shirts with beautiful illustrations in them. Furthermore, their t-shirts can be purchased in a package, which also includes a thank you pack from geotees as well as delightful items from local businesses and retailers in the area.

If you are embarking on a vacation soon and looking for the perfect souvenir, you might want to grab a geotees t-shirt for you and your loved ones back home. To learn more about the unique experience that geotees offers, check out their full infographic below.

The Unique Experience in Geotees Tees - Infographic