In the past, many reputed organizations have not only faced embarrassment for bug in their software product but also have incurred huge losses. In January 1990, AT&T couldn’t make a long-distance call, because the software that controlled the relay switches had just been updated. The company ends up losing $60 million that day-quite an expensive bug.

Another instance of software product gone wrong that made a big technology company a laughing stock was when Apple in its rivalry removed Google Maps app from its new iPhones and replaced it with its own map app. The result was confusion to customers and embarrassment to Apple initially, as all the places such as lakes, bridges, monuments, and train stations were either missing or mislabeled. It happened because Apple was not completely ready to launch the app. Meshing the data with the mapping app was not done properly, as it involves a lot of time and effort. And Apple was in too hurry to launch its new map app in its new model.

Writing a perfect software code is nearly impossible. Bugs are the part of a software and the only thing a software development company can do is to catch the bugs before a customer does.

In many as these cases, the challenge for the companies is to remove the bug before it causes embarrassment or financial loss.

No Research before Beginning the Project

The Internet is fast and widespread today. It leaves little room for trial and error method, as once the mistake happens, it can destroy the image of the company and create losses.

Nowadays, there is a huge amount of research material is available on the Internet. Besides, there is a facility to connect with other professionals in a similar domain to gain more knowledge on the project.

Creating Every Code on Your Own

Whether you are an experienced developer or new to the software development, reusing the code is a great idea whenever possible. Obviously, you have to modify the code according to the latest project needs.

This helps in reducing the risk of new bugs and at the same time saving the time in creating new code and testing required.

Try to develop a habit of sharing code with other developers, so that you can create a community or either become a part of it. You can share a code either through Plug-ins or libraries.

Not Giving Enough Time to Check

In the history, you will find such great examples that emphasize on checking all the features and functions minutely before Go Live.

In 1998, NASA’s Climate Orbiter spacecraft was lost in space. Engineers at NASA were perplexed at the cause of failure, however, after significant investigation, it came to light that conversion from English units to American Metric system was not done.

This simple conversion error leads to huge embarrassment and a list of $125 million craft.

It is always advisable in software development to give enough time to check and re-check all the features before the deployment of the software product. The great way to avoid embarrassing bugs is to test as much as possible and correct the error in the code before final release.

Keeping Things to Yourselves

Software development is a teamwork. Communication and sharing of information should be done not just in between the development team but also with the members of other departments.

Use email, calls, and instant messages to keep all the members of the team at par with the status of the project report.

There is revision control software available to help developers identify the changes in the code, so in case of the first change, the software automatically marks it as revision 2.

Lack of Dedicated Beta Testing

Software glitches are common, but only few could make it to the list of the embarrassing software product.

In September 2005, an Internet gaming creation company, Blizzard Entertainment, literally spread the “computer virus” with its the newly created Hakkar, the God of Blood. The initial programming was for creating the weaker character in Hakkar kingdom, located in the close vicinity of Hakkar’s corpse. But through a programming glitch, it spread over throughout the other regions. The glitch increased the fallen victims to more than 1,000.

A dedicated resource for beta testing of the software product could help solve these kinds of problems or at least keeps you ready to face your customers.

The Final Takeaways

A great result is not always guaranteed during software development. It is better for the software developers to prepare themselves for bugs, but also make themselves ready to catch those bugs on time. For a company, if they don’t want to be a part of a software product with bugs, engage with your software development company to conduct beta testing of your software. It is well-known fact that prevention is better than cure.