Apps are saviors. Developers need to be creative and smart at the same time. Common people suffer from several issues and are not even aware of any solutions. The app developers address the common problems of people and find a solution to those problems. The process of mobile app development company starts with an idea. The idea comes out in a form of solution to any sort of problems and issues faced by the common public. These solutions are converted into mobile apps.

The app needs to have certain extraordinary features and functionalities. Usually, app development companies study relevant apps and competitors in the whole process. With various types of apps available in the market such as on-demand apps, hospitality apps, entertainment apps, social media apps, messenger apps, etc. one more name has gained huge popularity in last few years which is called as classified apps.

Has it ever happened to you that you want to sell something which is not in your use? Or sometimes you need something for a temporary purpose. But in these cases, you have no idea where to search for that thing or where to sell that thing. In such scenarios, classified apps come to the frame.

In this article, we are going to learn how to develop an app like OLX and Locanto (classified app). Before going ahead, let us see who are the top brands in this list. OLX, Locanto, Quikr, Wallapop, Craigslist, Gumtree, eBay classifieds, Yakaz, and Trove market. OLX has got 50 million plus downloads and achieved 4.4 stars rating on Android’s Play Store. These apps are very similar to each other and serve common purpose i.e. classified ads.

The classified ad apps let users search for stuff online (it can even be a service) and also lets users post something to sell out. The prices are decided by the users who are posting it. These apps are very similar to e-commerce apps. The only difference is that you are not dealing with retailers and vendors. Users deal with other users.

Let us see the important features to consider while developing such apps:

  • Allow them to create a profile in just 3 steps:

With so many extraordinary and mind-blowing mobile apps, users get to use mobile apps with great ease. Users need everything to be fast and quick. In such situations, if you are asking a lot of information for users while signing up, you are going on the wrong track. Let them sign up with basic information like name and address. You can also allow them to sign up with social media accounts like Facebook and Gmail. This feature can increase the customer experience. Make sure your Android app development services and iOS app developers offer easy onboarding.

  • Allow sellers to post images of products:

While selling anything on classified apps, it is important to allow sellers to post photos. Make sure you verify all the images. Since the classified app is a platform for selling and buying second-hand products, it is vital to verify the photos. The famous classified ad apps verify images and then upload those images on a platform. Some users can upload fake photos to prompt the sale. Hence make sure you allow only real images of products and that too in good clarity. Allow users to upload multiple photos for quick sale.

  • Allow sellers to post details of products:

Just the way images are important, the product description is also important. This description can allow any sort of instructions or special message for buyers. Mobile app development company can restrict the character limit. Before uploading the details, it is important to verify the messages. Avoid any sort of abusive words in the description.

  • Suggest the price of products:

While selling the second-hand products on such apps, users get confused about pricing. Since the products are second hand, it is obvious that users might get confused about selling price. You can suggest sellers a suitable price range. Or users can refer to other sellers selling a similar type of products. Make sure you do not put compulsion on the users.

  • Ask for all specific details about products:

While putting any sort of ads, allow users to add all the details on the apps. These details can include the age of product, color, weight, damages if any, the location of the seller, price, negotiation options, whether it is in warranty period or not, etc. All such information can really help buyers understand the quality of products and decide whether to buy from that seller or not.

  • Check the authenticity of the seller and products:

Let us tell you that apps like OLX and Quikr not only sell old furniture and electronic stuff but also sell automobiles. Users can sell their old bikes, cars, etc. on such apps. Since all such products are very expensive, it is extremely important to check the authenticity. Ask the seller to offer valid documents of the vehicle and the condition of the vehicle. Also, ask the seller to post the total number of car running.

You can accept all these documents online (soft copies). This increases the reliability of apps. There are many cases where buyers face certain frauds by sellers and blame the app for it. To avoid such situations, you can check the authenticity of sellers as well as products.

  • Allow buyers to filter:

This feature is extremely important. Similar to e-commerce apps, classified apps also deal with millions of buyers and sellers. A single seller can sell numerous products. Hence it is important to categorize the products. For instance, categories can be like furniture, electronics, clothes, fashion accessories, etc. this feature offers ease to buyers. Plus filters can be on the basis of the price range, the age of products, colors, location, etc.

  • Messaging:

No deal can happen easily without communication between buyers and sellers. Unlike e-commerce apps, classified apps deal with second-hand products. Hence, messaging is important. Allow users to chat with each other. Also, you can put auto-suggests of messages. Real-time messaging can contribute to optimizing customer experience.


Classified apps deal with homes, furniture, electronics, antiques, etc. These apps also help in getting jobs! It is important to offer excellent service to end users and create your own space in the list of classified apps. Developers can earn money by charging fees to sellers.