Most new moms have one thing in common: they spend their pregnancy (sometimes even the period before they actually get pregnant) doing extensive research on parenting and motherhood. Reading books, poring over blogs, forums, and websites – all this will consume a lot of your time but you’ll still feel like you haven’t done enough. If you’re worried that motherhood will be overwhelming, read on to discover a few simple tips which will help you stay on top of things when the baby comes.



Healthy habits are important

You’ll soon discover that you’re surrounded by different types of toxins: processed foods, cleaning supplies, personal care products and even baby toys are all full of toxins. On the other hand, if you dwell too much on each and every ingredient on each and every label you have in your household, you’ll soon feel like you’re going crazy. Keep it simple: drink more water, eat fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, use raw honey instead of white sugar, and try making your own cleaning products using vinegar and citrus.


Exercise often

Fresh air and gentle exercise will do wonders for you: it will feel good on your skin, it will make you feel awake, it will restore your energy, and help you get your pre-pregnancy body back soon. It doesn’t matter what season it is, if your baby is healthy and you feel up to it, feel free to enjoy fresh air and go outside. Make sure you dress your baby in weather-appropriate clothes, mane it comfortable in a stroller or just put it in an infant carrier and go for a nice, long walk as often as you can (every day if possible). Soaking in the sun and breathing in fresh air will keep you fit and restore your energy, not to mention that your baby will love it!


This might be easier said than done, but you shouldn’t forget to take care of yourself just because you’re taking care of your baby now. Stay stylish – wear elegant nappy bags, combine flowy tunics with comfy leggings, visit a hair stylist every once in a while, and make sure to sleep whenever and wherever you possibly can. Also, simply taking a shower will make you feel reborn while healthy snacks will restore your energy. Pick snacks that are easy to prepare and eat so that you don’t have to spend hours cooking or get frustrated if you can’t finish your meal. All these little things will add up and you will feel much better.

Ask for help

There are only two things you need to think about: how your baby is feeling and how you are feeling. Everything else is less important and can wait, or it can be done by somebody else. As a new mom, you are allowed to ask for help with things: doing the dishes, swiping the floors, grocery shopping, preparing breakfast… There are two things you can do: ask someone to do these tasks for you or ask them to watch your baby while you’re doing the tasks yourself. You can’t expect to multitask with a newborn no matter how good you actually are at multitasking.

Doing research before you give birth is important, but no matter how many books and articles you read, you’ll discover that babies aren’t actually predictable. You’ll be winging it and after a while, you’ll become a master of improvisation. That’s perfectly fine – parenting often means leaning things on the go, especially when you’re new to it. As long as you keep your baby safe and make sure it’s loved, everything will be fine.

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