Companies have moved on from the traditional marketing to modern marketing methods since the late 2000’s. A decade ago companies started their branding professionally by investing in building their websites. The Modern branding method has made it easier for companies to extend their business proposals worldwide. Their business increased with a number of customers trusting them. The Internet has made their life easier. And now with the establishment of various devices in the world, the world has moved on to the easiest method to get in touch with the companies i.e. mobile apps.

Mobile App Development companies are making millions with new projects year over year. For example, Facebook has been the no. 1 social media website since its launch. Its customer increased year by year. And as they launched their app in 2011, more people found it easier to use, rather than using their systems to use Facebook. Facebook invested in their mobile app, and also launched a messaging app in 2016. The reason for launching their app was to increase the customer retention.

Companies Benefiting from Mobile Apps

Companies such as Zomato, Swiggy (Online food ordering companies), Amazon, eBay (Online shopping companies), Airtel, JIO (Networking companies), and much more have benefited from launching their mobile apps. How did they benefit? In today’s world, we have more mobile users than laptop/PC users. Instead of browsing online through laptop/PC people find it easier using their phone. This is how companies have benefited greatly from apps.  People use mobile apps for online shopping, paying their bills at a restaurant, booking a hotel room, etc.

Why Mobile Apps?

  • According to research, the mobile market will increase to 270% and will gain USD/- 189$ by 2020.
  • Total mobile apps have been increased from 30, 000 in 2010 to 33, 00, 000 in 2017.
  • 29.1% Android and 25.5% iOS users download mobile apps every day.

How to Build a Perfect Mobile App?

Have you ever wondered how these companies are successfully doing well with their mobile apps? What are the ingredients for a successfully well-build app? Apart from following the given below tips, they have invested in Quality Analysis. It plays a major role in analyzing the quality of your mobile app, which makes sure your app will stand out as a promising one, amongst all apps available in the market.

Here are 10 tips which are quite useful in building an app from the scratch and will let it last a long-term for your customer. Have a look:

1) Study Your Customers

You need to study your customer and their behavior in the business. You need to study how they love your business and are connected with you. For example, Pizza Hut and MCD have been the topmost fast food chains all over the world. People would come to the restaurant and later started ordering using the phone and then websites. These fast food chains started introducing new food items and had to make a powerful branding out in the market. They launched their mobile apps, and it created an enormous opportunity for customers for eating their favorite food. The mobile apps are built with an updated menu, prices, discounts, voucher, etc. They are built with locations so that it can be easy to track their customers and deliver their products.

You need to study the customer behavior for your app’s long-term success.

2) Study Your Competitors

For your apps to do better in the market, you need to study your competitors. Learn the basics about them, like the company size, who they are targeting, how they are achieving it, marketing campaign, etc. It will give you a better understanding of whom you are dealing with. Analyze their store and data usage, find information related to their install numbers, descriptions, ranking, etc. Use tools, like Sensor Tower to get access to critical data of your competitor’s keywords, app ranking, etc in the app store.

Performing a competitive analysis will help you identify your strengths and weakness as compared to your competitors. For example, Airtel and JIO both have their own app. They both are doing excellent in the market, but have their own uniqueness. These mobile apps along with others have a facility where a customer can make their own account and get info on their account.

Similarly, Mobily and STC are a Saudi based networking and their apps have been useful to various users. These apps have the information regarding emergency calls, emergency account refill, etc.

Identify the uniqueness of your competitors which is providing them the benefit. Then, plan the strategy of your app accordingly, making it better than that.

3) Offline Features

Mobile apps need offline features. These are one of the most important parts of mobile apps. Offline features will help customers use them in the event when the internet isn’t available. They can use their mobile apps in the absence of the internet, and save their settings. For example, customers can change their location address, phone number, etc.

They can even add any items from the menu to their cart, and later order when there is internet available. For example, social networking apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram are quite successfully working on this. You can post a status, image to the accounts and it will be automatically uploaded on these as it connects to the internet. You can even edit the image’s dimensions, add filters, etc. Customers from worldwide love this feature as it saves time, and they post their images, texts, videos, easily.

4) Mobile Platforms

This is also important in today’s world. We have both Android and iOS mobile platforms. People worldwide use both these mobile platforms, but more Android in Asia, Africa, and South America by 32%. According to a research, we have 71.6% Android web users and only 19.6% iOS web users. Therefore, while you are launching your app, try launching on both platforms for its rapid and swift growth.

For example, Snapchat was officially launched for iOS users only, but after it was launched for Android, its usage by Android users peaked by May 2016 by 25%. The Android users are more than the iOS users, and that is why Snapchat has decided to work on Android to pull in more satisfied users.

5) Simple Design

Mobile apps must be created with simplicity. Complicated mobile apps may increase the bounce rates; hence less number of people may uninstall it. It needs to be user-friendly. When designing the app, one needs to put himself/herself in the user’s shoes to get a perfect overview. Not everyone is a tech-savvy, and that is why the mobile apps need to be simple and easy to use.

Also, a simple tutorial needs to be added while the user uses the app for the first time. It will help them with the usage. It needs to be navigated easily. For example, WhatsApp is one of the simplest mobile apps. It is easy to use with all the features available. You can message easily, add people, share images, etc. The settings for the app are also well built for any users. New users can easily use the app with the help of simple tutorial presented at the time of first use.

6) Simple App Features

Apple features are important for any mobile app to function properly. It needs to have an uncomplicated set of features that can be used by anyone to everyone. Important features such as adding, deleting, resizing images, videos are quite in hype nowadays. Features such as adding a product or services to the account must be clearly visible to the user.

For example, UBER is a well known mobile app that helps millions of users get a ride anywhere and anytime. The mobile app has excellent features. They are simple and easy to use. You can add numbers and make your account easily. You can locate your departure location an arrival location easily. After selecting the locations, you can select the car rides. While choosing, you can easily see the rates, the car size, and the current location of the nearby UBER car. UBER has done an excellent job when it comes to simple features. Customers have been always satisfied with the app usage, worldwide.

7) Link To Website

After launching your app, to make it popular and to tell your users about it, you can provide its download link on your website. Or you can state the same on your social media posts. Provide a direct link to your website from where the users can download the app. It will increase the number of downloads of your app.

8) Add Reviews

Mobile apps must have a section where users can add their reviews. Reviews are important as the company officials can help in making their customer relationship, customer retention better. For example, Amazon has a review section on each and every product. When customers add their reviews, it makes their product stand out. A positive review can help other customers buy the same product.

9) Run Google Ads

Digital Marketers must be informed of running ads for the mobile apps with a perfect set of keywords. This will help in branding more efficiently and effectively. Mobile apps will be downloaded more when a person clicks on the ads, and directly install it on their mobile phones (Android only). This will increase your mobile app’s awareness.

10) Build Updates

The last but not the least; are the updates. Mobile apps must be updated monthly for a professional branding. Updating your app will increase customer retention. New updates can make users use your app effectively.

These are some of the important tips to build your mobile app for a long-term success. Follow these steps and you are good to go.