Alfa Romeo is one Italian brand that has a strong reputation for manufacturing stupendously gorgeous cars since years. The brand hosts cars with sporty looks and boasts of excellent performance on the roads.

But if you are an owner of this brand in Australia, it is essential to take care of the car and its maintenance to avoid any issues in the long run. Here are some important tips for Alfa Romeo owners:

  • Understand the maintenance schedule and abide by it

Your Alfa Romeo car comes with a maintenance schedule and manual that recommends how owners should opt for regular maintenance. Check out with the service providers in order to perform the recommended frequency of oil changes, the refilling of fluids as well as the grade of fuel that needs to be used for the vehicle. The maintenance schedule if adhered to can ensure the optimum condition of the vehicle while also prolonging the life of the vehicle for a long time.

  • Hire Specialist Mechanics

The manufacturer recommends some steps to follow, which you can perform with the help of an Automoda Alfa mechanic to ensure that your car runs smoothly. To keep your Alfa Romeo car well-maintained, hiring expert mechanics is a priority especially those who specialize in Alfa Romeo models. There are many with experience in dealing with issues of different models but with every new launch, it is essential mechanics are trained about the intricacies of these models, specific to Alfa Romeo. Such shops also ensure the availability of genuine spare parts from the manufacturer themselves that is advantageous for your car’s performance too.

  • Take care of Engine Oil and Battery Yourself too!

Park your car on a levelled surface when checking the oil. Check the oil inside the engine as well as the fan without touching the basin cap when the engine is still hot. For every replacement, visit the dealership. Do not keep the liquid level in the car lower than prescribed as it can reduce battery life and damage it too. If the car is expected to be unused for a prolonged period, it is preferable to remove the battery and keep it in a closed, warm place.

Do not try to recharge the battery when frozen. Assess the condition of internal components for cracks so that there is no leakage of inner liquid. Dispose of your used car battery at the dealership itself to save the environment. Do not leave your radio or lights on after engine stops to prolong battery life.

  • Clean wipers and tyres from time to time

Keep the rubber parts of your wipers clean and replace them once they get worn out every year. In low temperatures, take care of ice on the glass and blades. Eliminate snow on the window without using wipers, Check the fluid in sprayer tank consistently. Also, check your tyre pressure of all tyres and even the spare one. Periodic checking of tyres is essential, especially prior to long trips. Check your tires regularly and keep them inflated to the right level. The maintained tyres ensure better mileage too and reduce the chances of a blowout.

  • Adhere to good practices in driving

Alfa Romeo has sporty cars but does not run your automobile like one. Apply medium pressure on breaks and gradually bring down speed instead of sudden braking. Be easy on the accelerator too and pick up speed steadily instead of all at once.

Take care of the vehicle body and retouch the exterior to prevent rust from forming on the surface. Wash your car frequently if you drive on salty or rough roads. Keep the interiors of the car in perfect shape with no dust from the fabric and clean seats cleansed with soap and a sponge.