Celebrities need to look their best as this is a big part of their profession. Therefore, it’s not really surprising that they tend to experiment with various skin treatments. And, different people need different treatments, depending on their skin type and needs. Yes, superstars are also people and, luckily, most skin treatments they love the most are readily available for everyone else as well. Not just because celebrities love them but because they really are beneficial. So, if you want to up your skincare game or simply deal with a certain issue, take a look at some of the top celebrity-favorite skin treatments.

1. Laser hair removal

Hair removal is also part of one’s skincare routine. And when you think about celebs and the nature of their jobs, having smooth hairless skin is definitely a must. Laser hair removal is undoubtedly the most effective solution to unwanted body and face hair. This also happens to be the most popular treatment in Australia; while you don’t have to live in a tropical climate to make the most out of laser hair removal, it’s important to stress the convenience of this treatment when you have to wear light and short clothes most of the time.

2. Laser skin tightening

When it comes to tightening aging and saggy skin without having to go under the knife, laser skin tightening seems to be one of the celebrity favorites as well. Thanks to the laser devices that insert heat, radio frequency or light into the skin, the collagen boost in the skin tightens it rather effectively. What’s more, there’s an adequate treatment for every budget, depending on the device used. More expensive versions show immediate results after just one treatment while cheaper ones do show positive results, but they may not be as obvious after only one treatment.

3. Laser tattoo removal

Continuing with the laser trends, many stars want their old tattoos removed. And just like them, wouldn’t you want to get rid of that silly ink decision you made when you were a teen? Not to mention that the tattoo may be in an inconvenient place for your current career. If you have to show more skin, especially in case you live in a warmer climate like Australia, or simply have to endure the summer weather in your country, getting rid of both unwanted hair and skin art may be your lucky combo. Make sure to put your trust in renowned experts such as certified professionals for laser tattoo removal in Sydney; who would have guessed this to be the hot spot and the hot skin treatment for celebrities?

4. Fat melting injections

Botox makers have shaken the beauty world with a new injectable treatment called Belkyra that successfully melts the fat in a non-invasive manner. For now, the treatment is mostly used for double chin issues, but it seems that the options for other body areas will soon be available. Again, the price range differs, but after approximately two sessions, patients can count on permanent fat melting results. No wonder why this particular skin treatment is one of the most popular in the celebrity world.

5. Dermaplaning

For those of you interested in something less dramatic but very effective when it comes to your looks, dermaplaning (also known as dermablading) may interest you. Not to mention that no down time and immediate results have taken the celebrity world by storm. Basically, a special scalpel is used to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz from your face thus revealing an incredibly smooth and radiant skin underneath. You are guaranteed to look positively glowing regardless of whether you show off your skin under the Australian sun or the Scandinavian snow.

You may not earn as much as celebrities, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t always afford the same things. When skin treatments are concerned, the prices vary. After all, the beauty industry wants to cater to everyone, not just the famous. So, if you happen to be interested in some treatments, do your research before you give up, and you may get surprised!