Guess what else looks spectacular other than majestic mountains? Yeah, you guessed it right! Amazing and totally breath-taking castles. World best castles, like mountains, have stood for centuries and they are the living witnesses of the rise and demise of many empires, greatest of greatest battles; in one word they are history itself!

So, today’s article is a dedication to the world’s most captivating and glorious castles and some world travel tips on that. However, there is a slight twist here you see, we will not only be detailing through the several castles, but we will also be ranking them from number 10 to number 1!

So fasten your seat belts as we embark upon this virtual tour of about 1000 years back.

#5 Alnwick Castle, Scotland

Remember the first time Harry Potter saw the majestic castle of Hogwarts from across the little boat he was sitting on? Yes! On number 10, we have Alnwick Castle of Northumberland, which is famous for contributing as the castle of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in the Harry Potter franchise.

It was first erected in 1906 by Yves de Vescy, the baron of Alnwick; although, the castle was first mentioned in 1136 by King David I of Scotland. The castle in present is the resident of the current duke and their family, however, they only occupy a part of it. The rest of the castle is a historical heritage of England, and it is visited by a huge number of tourists every day.

The castle is separated from the town by a huge ravine, which also gives it a picturesque view. It is unique in its structure as it is known as one of the earliest castles built in England which do not have a square keep.

If you are a harry potter fan then you do not need any other reason to head to Alnwick castle.

#4  Castle Osaka, Japan

The castle of Osaka is a pioneer amongst the world’s best castles around the world, let alone the city Osaka itself. In 1583, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the fierce samurai, and political personality during the Sengoku period, built this beautiful castle. He built the castle on a high store so that it remains safe from the enemies and invaders.

It is also famous for the Tokoyuni shrine spot which is believed to be a power spot where most of the visitors go to ask for blessings and pray. It is a concrete structure dating back to the 17th century and holds an eminent place in the history of Japan. So, if you are keen on visiting this lofty castlen then planning your next trip to Japan isn’t a bad idea!

#3 Alcazar of Segovia, Spain

Declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO, the Segovia fortress is a treat to the eyes! Currently being used as a museum and military archive, the history of Alcazar is as exciting as its architecture.

The Alcazar castle first started off like a Roman Fort before going in the hands of the Muslim rulers. It was majorly built in a new way during the Berber Almoravid dynasty. This towering castle of Spain may seem like the infamously haunted castle of Dracula (which reminds me that our number 2 will elaborate about the alleged Dracula Castle), but it is said to be one of its kinds. Visit this castle and get to know about its rich and diverse history.

#2 Bran Castle, Romania

Although people have no doubt in their mind regarding the beauty and the rich antiquity of the castle, it is one of the most debated castles in the world. The main reason is that people think that the famous novel of the Irish author, Bram Stoker is based on the legend of ‘Vlad Tepes’ who allegedly placed a layer of the vampire in his castle.

Now I do not know about the entire tour, but one can surely take a walk their while reading the classic novel ‘Dracula’ (feeling the chills?)

Now we have finally reached on top 1, but before that, it is likely to advise you that the ranking is completely unbiased and include some world best castles.

I would personally advise that you visit each and every one of them and keep suggesting us if you come across a new place or if you have some other world travel tips.

#1 Mont Saint Michael, France

The uniqueness of this castle is that it is placed in the middle of an entire island (literally eye-grabbing sight!) This world heritage site of UNESCO is miscited by more than 3 million people every year.

Originally found by an Irish hermit, it has a rich history of having a stronghold on the Gallo-Roman culture, until it was occupied by the Franks. Although, visiting this site can be a little tricky due to the rising and diminishing tides, but this beautiful castle is worth a try.

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