2018 has just begun and a new questionnaire is standing tall right up there for the enterprise and business technology.

Technology is changing rapid fast today and there are questions only time will answer as we progress in 2018. So, in the spirit of eagerness to look forward to how the enterprise technology shapes up in 2018, let’s have a look at the top questions in store for business technology this year:

1.Will we actually get a firm hold on Artificial Intelligence?

AI will be a topic of sensational debate in 2018. Get ready to see the globe being swept away by the AI-broom. There will eventually be no vendor on earth that will miss out on touching and exploring AI somewhere, somehow.

Our intent, and of course yours, will be to figure out of AI can actually touch the lives of common people, or is it just an exaggeration, and nonsense. However, figuring out what’s possible in Artificial Intelligence is just half the game. The larger question for AI growth hackers is something like this:

How will businesses handle a black box and algorithm that technology managers won’t completely understand?

 2.When will the blockchain backlash start?

Blockchain has been pitched up into the currency/transaction/bubble space. When your grandfather gets interested in Bitcoin update, the blockchain shuttle would have crossed the earth’s outer space.

The earlier blockchain rings up in line with Gartner’s Trough of Disillusionment, the better it’ll be!


That’s because blockchain will be more imperative to security, supply chain, and numerous real-world applications. The bubble/trading story is out-and-out distraction that should blow down rather sooner than later.

3.How, and how much, petite will cybersecurity prove?

There’s one thing beyond doubt for 2018: cybersecurity will be more and more humbled by hackers this year than 2017, with a wave of new techniques likely to be used by attackers that most enterprises will find too tough to counter.

One major reason for this is that most enterprises underestimate cyber-attackers in the first place.    

4.How strong can Google Cloud Platform stand against enterprise cloud rivals?

No second thought, the Google Cloud Platform has come a long way in 2017.  Various leading IoT and mobile app development companies across the world are already trying to trap the power of Google Cloud to boost and secure their solutions and services.

But there’s no denying the fact that it’s still uncertain Google can survive the shelling by lieutenants reinforced by AWS and MS Azure.

The battle at enterprise cloud is all about sales and it’s must for Google to go beyond just the features.

5.What enterprise will prove that data is the new fuel?

Long debates have run around the claim that data is the new fuel and that most industries will experience a rapid and large-scale transformation.

But despite a strong blaze of the ‘data power’ theory, we are yet to have those clear-cut, convincing and comprehensive champions in any industry who have cashed in big time on data utilization to transform the manner in which they do business and tear apart competitors.

Every enterprise thinks of being ‘data-first’; however, it’s still unclear what company actually delivers.  

6. What will be the future of Facebook and ‘Workplace’ by Facebook?

Workplace by Facebook looked like a duck-soup. The point: employees will be able to collaborate and communicate in a business environment the same way they do in their personal lives.

But back then, it wasn’t expected that the use of Facebook will start getting questioned on different fronts. A large number of people are now re-considering their use of Facebook and time spent on the platform, and the more they rethink the more damage is being felt on the momentum of Workplace by Facebook.

So these are the top 6 hottest questions for enterprise technology are stirring rounds of debate the world over, but only time can answer them in the most convincing manner. Come what may, one thing is for sure: there’s plenty to look out for as we progress in 2018.