For any business venture, the ultimate target is to make sales. Social media marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target audience. One of the top social media platforms that offer fast and promising results is Instagram. This is a powerful tool you can use to promote your brand not just because it will expand your visibility in the market, but also because of its ability to reach a wider customer base. So, what are you waiting for? Hop onto the Instagram bandwagon by signing up and let’s meet on the other side of business success. If you are not yet convinced, here are 7 benefits that will make you hardly say No.

Instagram helps you learn what target audience like

If you do not have an Instagram account, how would you know if people know your business or not? Your customers might already be talking about your brand. This is mostly the case if your brand has a brick and mortar location that clients visit regularly.  For instance, if it is a food joint, then people might be posting pictures of your menus the dishes they like, the prices and asking their friends to try out. With an Instagram account, you can easily take pictures of the products that you offer, special offers/discounts and your location. Once you share this, you will easily see a link that shows what people have been sharing and their comments. This is the best way you will be able to tell what your clients like and optimizing on that you boost sales through marketing.

Brand awareness and loyalty

It is obvious that with Instagram, you will be able to get your brand out there for people to know about your business and products. With millions of people on Instagram, there is plenty of customer base to cover. Several people have not heard about your brand and would like to. Start your Instagram account today and stay sharing with your new audience to get exposure.

However, the question is, are you the only one offering that line of product? Probably not, because there are so many competitors out there. To ensure client loyalty, you have to ensure that you offer products that are unique and affordable for your target clients. This does not happen overnight. With your Instagram, you can interact with your audience consistently, answer their questions and let them like you. That trust then automatically comes!

Humanizes your brand

Today, so many customers care so much about who they are buying products from and what they get. The best way to promote your brand is through social media marketing. With Instagram, you can humanize your brand by simply showcasing your business’ personality. On your Instagram profile, you can use photos of your products to fit the perception of what your target market wants, maintain consistency and hence, develop a voice for your brand.

Build trust and personality

How do you build trust with your clients? Well, this is a question that most marketers keep seeking an answer for. Between you and me, there is no exact science in this. However, just like when you are trying to make new friends, promoting a brand requires consistent engagement. You can use content to interact with your clients, tell them what you have to offer, how your products will help them solve their problems and add a few testimonials from your loyal clients. With this on your Instagram account, you will slowly begin to build trust. Try not to be pushy on your clients. Build on creating an emotional connection with your prospective clients. Statistics show that people tend to buy from people they have a connection with. The best way is to give your brand a personal feel. Add photos of your products, location and service providers/employees. This not only makes your business attractive but also makes it very hard for clients not to trust you.

Increase traffic

You may be wondering, traffic? How? Well, it is true that you cannot add clickable links to every update you make on your Instagram, but by creating a superior profile influences your sites’ visibility and hence, driving traffic.

Competitive edge

One of the reasons why people tend to chicken out of marketing their products through Instagram is because most of their competitors are already hitting their targets on Facebook and Twitter among other social media platforms. According to recent statistics, it is surprising that only 2% of small businesses have an online presence. In order to keep up with your competitors, it is important to determine what demographic you are targeting. You do not expect the older folks to be on Instagram. However, if you are targeting millennials, you definitely need to be marketing your brand here.

No filtered feeds

Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, marketing your brand on Instagram shoes your post to the public. It shoes your feeds to all of your followers. This is a good thing because you are sure that your valuable content reaches your target audience. If you are posting regularly, you have a very good chance of been seen by your followers and they can also repost or share with their followers as well. Just ensure that you are using interactive hashtags the right way, and boom!


As visual content becomes the in thing for brand promotions and social media marketing, it is becoming increasingly important to leverage the advantages that Instagram has to offer. It is through Instagram that you are not only able to visually communicate with your target audience, but also maintain followership and contact with your target audience. With over 150 million people using Instagram you can share photos, hashtags, videos and locations of your business. Who can say no to this!