big data


By Chris Bateson

The term ‘Big Data‘ can no longer be considered a buzzword. As more and more organizations make the move to leverage data to make better business decisions, a number of tools are being used work with big data. In this roundup, I present to you some of the most widely used tools that can facilitate either the storage or the processing of large data sets.

1. MongoDB – Is a very popular, cross-platform document-centric database

2. Cassandra – Is an open-source, distributed database management system. It was originally developed by Facebook and can handle large amounts of data across servers. This improves data availability and reduces the possibility of failure.

3. Spark – One of the most active projects in the Apache Software Foundation, Spark is an open-source cluster computing platform.

4. Hadoop – Written in Java, Hadoop is an open-source framework for distributed storage and processing of large amounts of data. This data is based on computer clusters that are built on commodity hardware.

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5. Elasticsearch – Is a distributed RESTful search engine that is built mainly for the cloud.

6. Amazon DynamoDB – This is a flexible and quick completely managed NoSQL database service. This is ideal for applications that require consistent performance at any scale.

7. CouchDB – a NoSQL, open-source, document-oriented database using JSON to store data.

8. Apache Hive – Ideal for providing a SQL-like layer on top of Hadoop.

A number of enterprises and developers around the world use the tools listed above to generate more value from big data. Are there any big data tools you know of?