By Harris Myers

In the SEO world, backlinks serve as an indication of the importance and popularity of a particular website. In fact, the algorithm of the number one search engine, Google, also see links as the strongest ranking signals today. So, if you want to ensure your website’s ranking on search engines (especially on Google), you want to make sure that you earn as many backlinks as possible. But how can you achieve so?

Answer: Link Building.

Many digital marketers will testify how important link building is in their SEO strategy. Defined as the strategic process of acquiring external links from relevant and credible websites, link building is one, of not the best strategy that you can use today to reach wider audience, increase your website’s traffic, and ultimately improve your search rankings these days.

With a lot changes taking place in Google’s algorithm each year, there link building techniques that are also subject to improvements and variations, and some may even be tagged as illicit. That’s why if you want to do a link a building campaign, you need to make sure that you use the most effective techniques available today.

To learn the latest and most effective B2B link building strategies that you can implement today, check out the infographic below from Harris Myers provide us the top.