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The Top Startup Secrets Are No Longer Secret!





By Michael Skok / partner at _Underscore.VC, EIR at Harvard Business School


What if you could travel to your future success as an entrepreneur and come back as a startup, enriched with the frameworks and understanding to guide your team to build a great company?

That was our vision a few years ago when we began developing Startup Secrets in conjunction with the Harvard Innovation Lab. Since then we’ve worked with hundreds of exceptional entrepreneurs to develop Startup Secrets: a series of workshops, case studies and articles that cover some of the key areas that entrepreneurs and innovators have to think through as they build their businesses.

The results have surprised us, with more than 5 million hours of viewing and hundreds of thousands of online engagements as well as thousands of offline entrepreneurs who have participated and contributed to the program. The inspiration of what many of you have shared has caused us to continue working hard for our news below.


“Thanks for all your teachings, they have been the single biggest contributor to company revenue…” — Timothy

“LOVE the program you have built… highly recommend this to new and serial entrepreneurs.” — Andrew

“This is so great! Pure ecstasy for any entrepreneur.” — Daniel

“Your site/videos have proven to be INVALUABLE” — Andraz


And now you can enjoy the new Startup Secrets home. Here are some topics you’ll find there to get you going:

Plus many additional units.


Thank you all for your prior support!  We have a lot, lot more to do to realize our dream of building practical, digestible content and a site that will empower entrepreneurs to be their best.  But as a first step on that journey, we’re excited to unveil this new site. (Special thanks to  Tanner Elvidge on our team @underscorevc who had the vision and led the hard work to make this new site happen.)  We look forward to you visiting, engaging with the content, commenting and signing up for the new weekly newsletter.


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Michael partners with entrepreneurs, underscoring them from inception to market leader. He is fortunate to have backed and built teams that have created billions of dollars of value while focusing on large, market-changing technologies and disruptive business models such as SaaS, Cloud Computing, Open Source and in areas such as eCommerce, Big Data as well as in the Infrastructure that supports these Applications. Investments include Acquia, ActifioApperianCazenaDemandware(NYSE:DWRE), MauticRevolution Analytics (recently acquired by Microsoft), Salsify and Zaius.

Michael is a co-founder and partner at _Underscore.VC  where you can follow his investments @underscorevc.  Follow Michael personally on LinkedInTwitter his Harvard Innovation Lab class, Startup Secrets.