Of course, the ultimate dream of every homeowner is to get outside and enjoy the sunshine while swimming in their pool. However, those that are considering to add a pool or are lucky enough to have one at their homestead should stay current with the latest pool technologies and trends to make the most out of their investment. Unlike trends in other outdoor activities, pool features often take a slower pace to change. That means homeowners can change the décor around their swimming pool area based on the current pool trends. The following are pool trends to look up to in 2018 and later.

Safety Designs

Safety takes center stage when it comes to the décor and designs of a swimming pool. It is not a surprise for an accident to happen around the swimming area. As such, pet owners and parents should take precautions when designing their swimming pools to prevent avoidable accidents. For example, fencing the pool area can help keep any pet or kid away from the pool space. Lighting can help improve pool safety, and pool owners should add it to the inside of their pool as well as around the fence. You might also need to install pool railings and non-slip stairs to make it easier to exit the pool.

Infinity Pools

Infinity edge pool designs give a swimming pool area a luxury look. It gives the illusion that the excess pool water will flow into the landscape. Though it would come as an extra cost, infinity pool designs are a feature that every homeowner would want to add to their new pool.

Automated Pools

Gone are the days when pool owners would clean and fill water to their pools manually. You can now use a smartphone to clean and light up a swimming pool automatically. Pool owners now have access to plenty of solutions that enable them to control chlorine levels and lights using their mobile devices. While automating a swimming pool can cost a homeowner several thousands of dollars, it can be a perfect addition for people that don’t want to spend a lot of time in their pool.

Darker Pool Colors

Pools with lighter lining colors are a thing of the past. In 2018 and years ahead, homeowners should expect to see pools that are fitted with darker liners. Over time, navy and black liners have become a popular choice for the pool bottom, as these pools can reflect their surroundings. Darker liners also absorb the sun’s heat much better than lighter ones, and they also give a pool a more natural look than lighter color options.

Mosaic Pool Tiles

Tiles are a hot topic when it comes to the construction of custom pools Las Vegas. Of course, many homeowners would want to add an artistic to the walls of their swimming pools. Pool owners are aware that trends in pool tiles are abundant, and mosaic pools have become a popular option in recent years. Pool owners are adding mosaic in purple and blue hues to swimming pools to add an extra sparkle to the décor of a pond.

LED Pool Lights

Homeowners have turned to LED lights as an option to save energy and brighten up their pool spaces. LED lights are not only a safety feature, but their color-changing properties can improve the appearance of a pool. With automation, changing these settings is easy, and homeowners don’t have to turn off and on their pool lights manually.

Natural Landscaping

Homeowners that are interested in a luxury look can consider incorporating natural landscaping elements around the area of their pool. In the past, homeowners would use pool decks to make their pools look luxurious, but now, pool owners can create an oasis using natural landscaping elements. For example, homeowners can use stones and tropical greenery to enhance the appearance of their pool and create their island.


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