Every car owner knows that no matter how well you look after your car, it’s still possible to come across some problems and complaints. Of course, if you maintain your car properly, the chances of some issue arising are significantly smaller. With that in mind, here is a list of the most common problems drivers in Australia face on a daily basis and how to prevent or resolve them.

Warning lights

Modern cars rely heavily on warning lights to let the driver know about a problem. So, unless your warning lights are in perfect order, you won’t be able to receive a message about an issue that can be potentially very dangerous. Therefore, make sure you regularly take your vehicle to the mechanic to inspect the lights and make necessary repairs.

Sputtering engine

In order for your vehicle to work properly, your engine needs to receive the right combination of air and fuel to burn in the combustion chamber. The system that allows that to happen is quite complex and even a slight problem is a cause for concern. A sputtering or misfiring engine is one of the main problems, which can be solved by replacing fuel and ignition system components. However, make sure you install only the parts recommended or approved by the manufacturer.

Damage caused by weather elements

Even though Australia is usually thought of as a country where the sun is always shining, that’s simply not true. Most parts of Australia get their fair share of bad weather, too, which can also cause damage to property, including cars. One of the most common issues are chipped or broken windshields or dented bodywork, all caused by hail. In that case you have to visit professionals, such as these experts in hail damage repair from Sydney.

Fuel economy

Any problem with the fuel system parts, such as fuel and air filters, mass air-flow sensors and O2 sensors, will affect fuel economy. Your car will start consuming more fuel than normal, which means you’ll have to pay more and you’ll be creating more damage to the environment. The best way to deal with this is to regularly check and replace the filters, but if the problem persists, contact an expert to help you identify the problem.

Dead battery

You can count on your car battery to last around three years or 80,000 km. The older the battery, the less able it is to maintain the charge. Also, if there is a problem with the alternator, battery temperature sensor or other charging system, the car battery will last even shorter. The best thing to do is replacing the car battery on regular intervals, regardless of whether it’s still working or not.

Flat tyres

One of the problems you can come across through no fault of yours is to have a flat tyre. However, the chances of that happening grow exponentially if your tyres are old and worn out. So, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s advice about how often you need to replace the tyres and what kind of tyres should be used on your vehicle.

Shaking steering wheel

There are many things that can cause the steering wheel to shake when driving. If it occurs as soon as you start your car and begin driving, it could be that wheel bearings or damaged suspension are the cause. On the other hand, if you notice this problem when driving at higher speeds, you probably have a tyre/wheel balance issue. There is nothing you can do but take your car to the nearest reliable mechanic to diagnose and fix the problems.

These may be the most common car problems that Australian drivers face, but the situation around the world is most likely similar. With proper care and maintenance, the risk can be minimised, but car owners should always be alert and ready to react in case a problem arises.