A majority of the people know what artificial intelligence is. They have encountered it on social media and websites. This technology is changing the way businesses conduct their operations. Proper use of AI is vital in gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors. The concept of AI has been used in devices for so long; however, with the massive data that is available now, this technology is more informed than ever. Powerful algorithms have enabled these systems to sift through big data to come up with informed decisions to simplify and improve workflow. Enterprises that use this technology effectively will always be a few steps further than their competitors. The tips below show how you can use AI to beat the competition.

1. Customer Service Chatbots

Chatbots have enabled businesses to have an ever-present virtual customer care representative. They get valuable data from customers and potential clients to support the various processes of the organization. Chatbots learn and store data for use in future situations. In the same way, you may employ the services of an usher to welcome customers to your physical business, is the same way you can use a chatbot to initiate a conversation with any person who visits your online store. Depending on whether the potential client will engage the chatbot, you may get valuable information about the customer that will enable you to serve them better.

Use a chatbot as a customer service representative for your enterprise and save the money you would have used in getting a customer service team. The chatbot will be available all throughout day and night. It is a great feature to use for customers who find giving feedback face to face an intimidating task. They will feel safe giving feedback to a chatbot.

2. Human Resources

Hiring top talent is essential to gaining a competitive advantage. With the help of AI applications, you can recruit the best talent in the market. AI will help the human resource department make informed hiring decisions. Use this technology to scan applicants’ resumes for keywords and analyze their profiles to find out if they would fit into your workplace culture. Use chatbots to query candidates who apply for positions online so that the human resource team can focus on critical aspects of the hiring process. Use chatbots internally to answer frequently asked questions that can at times overwhelm the HR team. Allowing the HR team to focus on more demanding and critical areas of the business will increase your company’s productivity.

3. Personalization of Marketing and Sales

Any organization that personalizes their services attract a significant number of customers. Smarter ways are slowly overtaking the traditional advertising methods since people no longer pay attention to the mainstream advertising. Get the services of AI systems to get valuable insights from your clients and personalize your services to their preference. Combine predictive analytics by AI with data mined by chatbots to offer customers a personalized experience. Chatbots can use its cognitive abilities to provide answers and services that visitors in your online business need.

4. Payments

You can use a chatbot to guide a client through the payment process in your online business. Customize the payment process to suit your customer’s preference through the use of data mined by chatbots. Today, online companies use a variety of payment software, such as a good QuickBooks alternative, many of which use chatbots to provide users with the necessary information they need to proceed with their financial transactions. AI allows you to beat the competition in this sector of business as you may lose a potential client if your payment process is complicated.

5. AI Substitutes

Your business may not have the capacity or budget to acquire a complete AI software. You can still benefit from the services of a knowledge-based application without investing vast sums of money that you had not planned for. There are less expensive systems that can be used to analyze and organize data into helpful information. Use code to help the system learn new methods of operation. These applications are fast and will help organize and distribute data.


AI will provide you with extensive and useful services that are essential for beating the competition. You will need to learn how to use the technology, but the exercise will be worth your efforts.