On Oct. 30 of last year, entrepreneur and financial advisor Patrick Bet-David uploaded a video of his called “The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Seconds” — a dramatic first-person telling of the personal and professional struggles Bet-David endured on his journey to the success he’s currently experiencing — to his Valuetainment YouTube channel. The video didn’t get much traction, so he and his team decided to upload it to Facebook on Oct. 31 — at which point he says he completely forgot about the video and went to take his two young children out trick or treating for Halloween.

But when he came back about four hours later, the video had 15,400 views, then 220,000 views eight hours later, then two million in less than 24 hours, then five million in less than 48 hours — it had definitely gone viral.

But how? It’s not just because the content itself is interesting and well-produced. In fact, in this Entrepreneur Network video, Bet-David spends an hour outlining 26 loaded points on how he and his team got millions of people from 156 countries to not only watch this 90-second YouTube clip but to comment, share and message Bet-David directly. He says that knowing what types of content go viral — humor, fights, controversy, etc. — knowing how to tell a story, knowing your audience and staying consistent are just a few things you’ve got to keep in mind in order to go viral yourself.

Since his video blew up, other brands have used the same formula — Muscle Milk’s “Stronger Every Day” commercial with basketball player Stephen Curry, for example, and Mini’s “Defy Labels” TV spot used an approach similar to Bet-David’s “How Most People View Entrepreneurs in 30 Seconds” on Valuetainment.

Watch the similarities in the videos below, and enjoy’s Bet-David’s insight above.